Indian man caught having sex with little homeless African girl

An unnamed Indian man has been apprehended after he was caught having sex with a homeless child in his car in Lusaka, Zambia.

According to multiple reports, the Indian man enticed the poor girl with a pack of fast food last night and drove her to a corner where he had sex with her.

Passersby who noticed movement coming from the car investigated and found the Indian man on top of the street kid sweating and panting.

He was immediately apprehended by vigilante members after the child narrated how she had been hungry and he gave her some leftover chicken from Big Bite eatery and drove her to a spot to sexually molest her.

The Indian has been locked up at Kabwata Police Station and is expected to be charged for defilement, rape and obtaining pecuniary advantage of a minor.


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10 Replies to “Indian man caught having sex with little homeless African girl

  1. Makes you notice what a loser in life this man is to abuse a child who is hungry just to get his rocks off..This man would f**k a goat if he could..Must fail with real women

  2. Oh you filthy bastard!! Sweaty ,drunk,stanky dirty old bastard!! I hope they throw the book at yo nasty azz. Taking advantage of her because she’s homeless. You’re suppose to be helping her out not helping yourself in!! In jail, I hope they rape you in jail, prisoners do not take kindly. On that baby with then old wrinkle saggy balls on that child

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