What I’ll do to Fayose – Senator Ojudu


Senator Babafemi Ojudu has vowed to chase Governor Ayodele Fayose of Ekiti out of the State when he becomes governor.

Ojudu, a Special Adviser on Political Matters to President Muhammadu Buhari, recently declared his intention to run for the governorship of Ekiti State.

The ex-lawmaker, while speaking with Daily Sun, said Fayose was going to be a factor of failure during the polls.

He said he chased the Governor out of the state in 2006 and successfully impeached him, adding that he also defeated him to become a senator.

Vowing to chase the Governor away again, Ojudu said “There is no longer stomach infrastructure again. It is a myth. Civil servants and local government officials have not been paid and you are talking of stomach infrastructure.

“If I am a civil servant and you have not paid me in 12 months, what is the stomach infrastructure in that?

“If truly, you are doing stomach infrastructure, you must regularly pay the workers so that they can feed themselves.

“This last Christmas, he didn’t even give them rice as he used to give them. This is a government of deceit, Fayose is just deceiving the people.

“Go around with him now, nobody hails him anywhere again. Since we got into Ekiti, he ran away. We told him ‘we have our billboards in town, come and remove one and let me see you’.

“In 2006, I chased Fayose out of this place. I took all the lawmakers who were members of the PDP to Lagos for two months.

“I kept them there and when I was ready, I brought them back to impeach him. In 2011, he contested against me for Senate, I defeated him. I had 68,000 votes, he had only 21,000 votes.

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“So, forget about all these myths he sells to you out there. I am back again and I know I am the one who can chase him out. If there is anybody he fears, it is me. We will take care of him on July 14.

“If Fayose who was outside government could defeat an incumbent, what arsenal do you have to defeat him now that he is in government?

“He is not contesting; but even if he is contesting, I am telling you now that I have defeated him many times over in the past.

“If he was an incumbent and I was not a politician then, yet, I was able to impeach him, how much more now.

“I am the one who is capable of defeating him and I will defeat him again. I am from Ado-Ekiti and if you have my constituency’s support, you will win election.

“From 1999, whoever Ado-Ekiti supports becomes the governor and whoever Ado- Ekiti does not support is taken out of Government House and I am from that community.

“That community has never had somebody as governor before but now, they are saying they want to be the one to produce the governor.

“Traditional rulers, market women, workers and our party members are determined to ensure an Ado Ekiti person emerges as governor.”


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