Obasanjo vs Buhari: Jonathan’s minister, Wogu reacts, compares PDP, APC


Emeka Wogu, former Minister of Labour under during the Goodluck Jonathan government, has spoken on the face-off between former president Olusegun Obasanjo and incumbent President Muhammadu Buhari.

Wogu, who recently dumped the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) for the All Progressives Congress (APC), also compared both parties.

On Obasanjo’s comment that Buhari does not deserve a second term, Wogu told The Sun: “Well, my only comment is that Obasanjo is not Nigeria, he does not represent Nigeria, it’s his personal opinion. The assessment of whether Buhari has done well belongs to Nigerians and they will express it during the next election.

“I think, it’s former President Obasanjo’s personal opinion, I don’t want to join issues with him and I know most Nigerians do not believe in the assessment. These assessments keep coming out since he left government, but very soon we will know the reason he made that statement.

“But my own assessment is so far, so good, President Buhari has continued to do his best, to move the country forward like every past president has done. Obasanjo did eight years and Nigerians have assessed him and it is on record; then president Buhari just got in, you should even allow him to finish the first four years and then go ahead to his elections.

“There is no comparison between Obasanjo and Buhari’s tenures because the time limits are different. Prices of crude oil when Obasanjo was president and the prices now are totally different.”

Asked to comment on achievements, ideologies and adherence to internal democracy in the APC and PDP, Wogu said although APC is still toddling, it is moving fast.

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“I think other subsequent years will consolidate those push to become an ideal democratic example in Africa.

“16 (PDP) and three years, you can see it’s a huge gap, so, we should give time to President Buhari. But you can see there are positive changes in so many areas and we keep urging him to continue in what he is doing.

“One thing that happens in struggle for leadership is more of elite conspiracy, so, the problem of every leader in this country is when there is elite gang up, they want certain things to be done the way they want them.

“So, they want to control the levers of power to their own advantage and when that does not happen, they start having opposition and mostly the opposition comes manly from the elite and not the masses and what the masses keep praying everyday is for the economy to get better.”


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