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Plateau Killings: Alleged Cause Of Massacre Revealed By Man


A concerned Nigerian in the know has chronologically explained the gory events that led to the bloodbath in Plateau State.

Pictures have emerged showing a Fulani family which were allegedly killed some weeks ago by Berom tribe in Plateau state.

There have been accusations and counter accusations following the ethnic-religious crisis which saw over 100 people killed by suspected Fulani herdsmen in Plateau.

While some say the attack was a reprisal attack due to the attacks on Fulani indigenes and their cattle in the area, others are arguing that Fulani herdsmen raided the just to kill the villagers and steal their goods.

Yakubu Yakx shared an interesting report on the Plateau killings as he blamed the security operatives for doing nothing to prevent these attacks.

Read below;

Just when we thought everything is over, the enemies of peace and Nigeria are at it again. But to set the records straight, let me breakdown some details of how things unfold that led to the recent breakdown of Law and Order in Barkin Ladi LGA and environs. These unfortunate incidents led to a full blown tribal/religious crisis in Plateau North Senatorial District.

In the past decade a lot of crisis erupted in Plateau State, people have moved on in some of the areas, but why are we still having crisis that is leading to loss of lives and property in Berom Land? Governor Lalong should deal with these issues decisively, some people are out there to cause trouble just to discredit the Government at State and Federal level.

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If you think I am joking drive a pickup van with cows in the trunk and pass via Kassa, Heipang, Mararraban Foron, Marraban Jama’a, Anguldi or alternatively through Nafang, Fan, Bisichi, Foron and Du villages and see whether you will come out alive, the hatred is too much and incomprehensible.

Some people stay on the highways and give their allies details of vehicles conveying Fulani Men or anybody that looks like them taking their cows to the popular Kara (COW Market) in Bukuru (Jos South LGA), once they pass through any of the two routes coming from Mangu, Pankshin, Bokkos and other LGAs through berom they block them, lynch them and rustle their COWS.

The below unfortunate events took place all within the month of June 2018:

1. On the 8th of June Four young Fulani men coming back from Kara Cattle market in Bukuru were shot immediately after Kassa Hill Military check point, less than 2Km from the check point.

2. Over 300 COWS were rustled between Fan, Dorowa and Jong Villages of Barkin Ladi LGA and Kadunu/Langai villages of Mangu LGA, when Military were sent to rescue and recover the COWS they received strong resistance from the armed Berom COW rustlers with even reports of some security men losing their lives. Up to date they’ve not been recovered.

3. On 12th of June at around 8pm some Fulani people of Quanpan LGA of plateau State coming back from Bukuru Kara market were shot at Kassa hill before Barikin Ladi LGA secretariat unfortunately one of them lost his life.

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4. On June 13th a minor Jaafar Salihu herding his parents COWs, was killed at Nding Village also around Kassa hill and they removed his head till date the head wasn’t recovered, he was buried like that

5. Then the last aggression took place on Jun 21st at about 6pm Some Fulani men Bala, Lawal and Ibrahim Kuwait on their way coming back from Kara market in Bukuru were shot, killed and their vehicle was set ablaze at Heipang village to be precise inside the railway round about, pictures attached.

6. A day after Sallah Jun 16th 2018 at about 14:00 hours some Hausa Boys of Barikin Ladi town driving a Vectra Opel vehicle with reg number JJN 54 CF heading to Mangu LGA narrowly escaped death with minor and major injuries and the car wrecked, as Berom youths launched an attacked on them in front of the Military Check point, what’s their offence? Ans: They are Muslims and the berom youths want to avenge an attack on some villages made by Fulani herders.

7. On Saturday 23rd Jun 2018 the people of Mangu blocked the highway and said nobody is going to pass until justice is done to one of their men that was killed in a Berom community between Dorowa village and Mangu Hale, until his demise he was a butcher and he went to collect his money from one of his customers he gives meat, he was simply killed because he is Muslim, is he a herdsman?

I blame the Men and Officers of Operation Safe Heaven for their poor handling of the following issues that took place in Barikin Ladi and environs, had it been they acted promptly this avoidable incidents would’ve been averted. I call on the security to be up and doing, they should deploy modern techniques in managing attacks and counter attacks if not the carnage will probably continue until the realities on ground are rewritten to reflect the reality of modern war.

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Instead of reflecting on why the current strategies are not working, FFK, CAN, TY Danjuma, Jerry Gana and their associates have an opportunity to pour out the anti-Islamic venom on an issue that is purely criminal. Facebook online commentators will follow along the same path. If they are not abusing the ‘clueless’, ‘certificateless’, ‘Boko haram sponsor’ etc. at the top they are attacking Islam for being a jihadist, blood-spilling religion.

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