Nigerians react as Buhari plans to spend N228.9bn to fund 2019 elections


Nigerians have reacted to President Muhammadu Buhari’s memo to the National Assembly to vire N228,854,008,215 from the N9.12trillion 2018 budget, to fund the 2019 general election.

Buhari stated this in a presidential memo dated 11 July, 2018 and read yesterday by Senate President Bukola Saraki.

If approved, the aggregate cost of the 2019 elections is estimated at N242,445,322,600.00.

However, some Nigerians on social media have criticised Buhari’s government for proposing such money for elections, describing it as a waste of resources.

Others accused Buhari of trying to siphon funds for his re-election bid.

Here are some comments gathered by DAILY POST:

@Iamonwoko “Are we all Nigerians traveling to the sky to cast our votes? When it comes to frivolities, money will be available. To fix refineries or build new ones, roads etc, they will remind us that past Govt looted everything. God is watching! Reckless Govt.

@Abrahamitebu “Waste of public fund. Elections in Nigeria are scams, total fraud.”

@Shaev “People are hungry, see the amount you want to spend for rigging! Go ahead.”

@Jpeace19 “Wow! In a country of over 195 million people with over 75% of its citizens unable to have 2 square meal a day, majority earning less than 30k a month & children out of school, #242.4bn for an election is the height of wickedness.”

@Ometami “The cost of the election in Nigeria is too much, this money can be injected into our economy and it reduces the cost of living.”

@Jsho87 “This amount is so outrageous. I guess it is time for political thinkers to fashion out another system that is less expensive in electing our leaders. Perhaps we could begin to think about using our Atm cards or mobile number to vote so as to crash the cost of this four years ritual.”

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@Olajidepeter “Please bring us breakdown if it worth it. The era of just spending anyhow is over. You are accountable to the populace.”

@Aijaygurl “All these money and we’ll still end up with bad leadership headed to nowhere? At this rate, do we really need these elections?

@temitopebehappy This is just too much now, make they distribute the money to jobless graduate in Nigeria.”

@Chuksmultip “I’m sure that money includes rigging the election and paying INEC for the advance cooperation.”

@Abdulkadir “Mr. President you shamed me. Nigerians are in abject poverty and Starvation. You are yet to rectify and provide your people with uninterrupted electricity supply and other campaign promises that you made. But your mind is only on the 2019 election and the money to be spent.”

@Dannymicyn “Hahahaha N242 billion to share to buy people’s votes and the money left of it for 1080,000 policemen sent to oppress the 36 states!!!

@Nsimmaphilips “Nigeria is a very stupid country am so so sorry to say. What’s the business of the president in the budget of an election???

@Oyinlak “Looters: They want to gather money for campaign and what to share hungry electorate as they did at Ondo and Ekiti.”

@Iamchinedunwosu “Kai Buhari, your own version of looting is incredible.”


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