Beautiful photos from late President Umaru Musa Yar’adua’s son’s wedding


Late Nigerian President, Umaru Musa Yar’adua’s son and his woman Saratu Sodangi, held their wedding reception yesterday night in Kaduna.

The lovely bride looked angelic in her white wedding gown that had an impressive golden detail on it – while her hussy looked dapper in his Babban Riga and Hausa cap, looking a lot like his dad.

See beautiful photos of the bride and guests at the party;

Umaru-Musa-Yar’adua’s-son-wedding Umaru-Musa-Yar’adua’s-son-wedding1 Umaru-Musa-Yar’adua’s-son-wedding2 Umaru-Musa-Yar’adua’s-son-wedding3 Umaru-Musa-Yar’adua’s-son-wedding4 Umaru-Musa-Yar’adua’s-son-wedding5 Umaru-Musa-Yar’adua’s-son-wedding6 Umaru-Musa-Yar’adua’s-son-wedding7 Umaru-Musa-Yar’adua’s-son-wedding8


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