#OsunDecides2018 (LIVE UPDATES): APC, PDP, SDP, others battle

Registered electorates in Osun State will today exercise their political rights to elect a new governor who will pilot the affairs of the state for the next four years.

The election is significant in many ways; it is the last major election before the 2019 general election, it’s preceding party politicking is one filled with drama and the election also serves as a litmus test for measures taken to curb vote buying.

Beyond this, the contention expected of an election where 48 candidates have emerged from different political parties is an intrigue to await.

The election is going to be a shift from a two horse race that is prevalent in many Nigerian elections. At least five major contenders are considered potential winners in the election.

They are Iyiola Omisore, a former deputy governor of the state donning the flag of the Social Democratic Party (SDP); Gboyega Oyetola, a former chief of staff to the incumbent governor. contesting under the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC); Ademola Adeleke, a senator seeking to become governor under the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP); a former Secretary to the Osun State Government, Fatai Akinbade contesting under the Action Democratic Party (ADC) and another former Secretary to the Osun State Government, Moshood Adeoti of the African Democratic Party (ADP).

Even though other political parties may be considered as underdogs, aggressive campaigns and media engagements that played out few days to the election is a pointer to what upset these ‘underdogs’ could mutter.

Beyond party politics, attention is on Osunto see how it fares in the ugly trend of voters’ inducement which has characterised recent elections in Nigeria. It is still left to be seen if vows by INEC and security agencies will stem the tide.

Over one million people are eligible to vote in the election. According to INEC, about 1,246,915 permanent voter cards were collected by potential voters of the 1,682,495 registered voters.

Voting is expected to hold in about 3,010 polling units, across 30 local government areas.

The intention of the opposition parties is to defeat the ruling APC as the incumbent governor, Rauf Aregbesola bows out in November. The campaigns have been intense and the parties have spared no effort to ensure victory today.

However, INEC has promised a free, fair and credible exercise with the support of security agencies, and collaboration of other stakeholders.

The Premium Times Centre for Investigative Journalism, in partnership with the Centre for Democracy and Development, has deployed about 180 observers in the 30 local governments of Osun.

Follow PREMIUM TIMES for accurate live update, photos, videos and analyses from all 30 local governments in Osun State.

7:33 Ward 2 PU 6 of Ayedaade LGA. Voting to begin soon

Ede South LGA, Alajue 1/2.At 7:26 the presiding officer introduces the electoral officer. He addresses the electorates about the time for the opening and closing of poll and further emphasizes the refusal to let anybody join the queue after 2:00pm. He went further to tell electorates on what ground they won’t be allowed to vote which are likely to be the use of a temporary voters card, electorates whose name isn’t on the voter’s register,if the card does not belong to the polling unit.

The assistant presiding officer stated preference would be given to the old, pregnant women and people with disability. An educated looking electorate however called the attention of the PO as regards the rendition of speech in complete English Language. The Spo VP then interpreted in Yoruba language for better understanding.

After his speech, flyers were being distributed to the electorates

There has been an impressive turn out of voters in Iwo LGA. In some polling units, voters were out at their polling units as early as 6:45am. Materials and INEC officials have generally been prompt in the local government as well.

In some of the polling units visited, polling points and materials were already set up as early as 7 am. Voters have also behaved responsibly in most area queuing up peacefully and checking their names on the voters registers.

Security officials have conducted themselves properly. There have been no reports of intimidation of voters by either party officials or security personnel. No report of violent any violent clashes as at 8 am, the official start of voting.

Ara 1/Ward 02/ Egbedore LGA; As at 8:00am, polling station wasn’t set although voters are already present.


Ward 5, Unit 9, Irewole LGA.

Opening of poll by the presiding officer was witnessed by a large turn out of voters.


Ward 5, Unit 9, Irewole LGA, party agents were bent on ensuring that all the code of conduct were well spelt out.

One even warned the APO (Assistant presiding officer) who is about to commence the process to stop and let everyone be informed of the number of materials deployed.

The authentication process commenced at 8:12am

The APO operating the machine could not get hold of its operations until the PO came to the rescue.

At 7:43 am, PU6, Ward 2, Osolo Hall, Oja Oba, Boripe LG, electorates seen checking their names. A Corps member, Idris, said there are 748 electorates expected to vote at the two voting points at the unit. There are 7 police officers presently on duty at the unit.

At 8:16,Ede South, Ward 4, Alajue1/2. Voting in progress. Preference is also being given to the elderly

At 8:17a.m., Unit 8, Ward 2 Ede North. The voting cubicle is secluded, affording the voter privacy to vote without being peered on.

At 8:20, electorates patiently waiting to exercise their franchise at Ward 7, Polling Unit, Iwo local government.

At 8:17 am: Ara 2/ward 3/Obada village/Egbedore LG, election materials,and INEC officials are yet to get to their polling units (PUs). They complained about the bad roads, so they are planning to go by biketo the PUs.

As at 8:28am, AUD primary school, Ward 6, Polling unit 6, Orolu L.G. Olufon area. Elderly men and women are given due preference to vote before others.

At 8:17 am, voting already going on in PU1, Ward6 Ororuwo, Boripe LG

At 8:21. Voting is yet to commence at PU 002, Ward 5 Ira-Gberi, Egbedore LGA. Though the delay is not caused by election materials but the INEC officials on scene. People are getting impatient with the system.

Ola-Oluwa: At 8:35 AM. Iwo-Oke II. After ten minutes of repeated attempts, the card reader fails to verify first two voters. The presiding officer is making phone calls, seeking assistance, ostensibly from the INEC office

Ward 5, Unit 9, Irewole LGA. Voting queue is moving very slowly.

At 8:29 am, at polling unit 10, voting point 1, Balogun Imole Ikirun , Ifelodun local government, voters, party agents and security officials are having a serious disagreement on how elderly ones should vote: whether they should be assisted by their relatives or no.

Ola-Oluwa LG: At 8:38 AM. Iwo-Oke II. Now, the card verification is successful, but not the fingerprint authentication. The officials are debating what to do.

8:20 am, voting has commenced at PU 003, St. Mary primary school, Igbaye, RA 03, Odò Otin with presiding officer instructing voters not to come with smart phones when they are about to vote. There are 608 registered voters on the list. There are 3 policemen, 1 NSCDC officer, and one immigration officer at the election scene.

At 8:22am , at Balogun Imole polling unit, Ikirun, Ifelodun local government, The PO is explaining to voters how to vote after the commencement of voting.

At 8;17, PU 003– Baptist PRY School, Oke Ila. Ward 05- OBAALE, Ifedayo local government. A group of police officers trooped in with their guns openly handled.

The officer leading the troop sternly warns the INEC officers and security officers around not to allow anybody to show his/her votes to anybody. And they should never allow vote buying.

At 8:15, PU 002,RA 5 (Ataoja E) LGA 30( OSOGBO), Osogbo grammar school, election commences and it was attested by the PO that there are 946 registered voters.

8:20am, disagreement among voters as a man jumped the queue at Ward 6, Unit 1, Ororuwo, Boripe LG

Ola-Oluwa LG: At 8:40AM. Iwo-Oke II. Voters are getting impatient and threatening to leave. Voting yet to commence.

8:40am: Irepodun LG, Ward 2, Unit 4, voting has commenced here. There are 457 registered voters.

At 8:31 am, voting has started at Ward 8 unit 2 Ikirun, Ifelodun LG. No. Reg voters is 858. According to the presiding officer, the voting started at 8am

Ola-Oluwa LG: At 8:44AM. Iwo Oke II. Finally, after skipping the first two, the third voter on the line is able to vote.

8:42am PU 005,ODE AGBON, Irewole local government, a young man who is not a security official was arrested by the security agents for using a security tag.

At 8:20am, ward 05, PU 005, Ataoja E, Osogbo LG, the presiding officer is still addressing the voters. Rules and regulations are also being read out.

Ejigbo: 8:47am. Baptist Elementary school, Isidun, ward 9, unit 6. There are two voting points. Voting ongoing. No problem with card readers. Security personnel well present.

At 8:34am, ward 05, PU 005, Ataoja E, Osogbo LG, voting is still going on. Many people have voted. The atmosphere is safe and everything is going on smoothly.

As at 8:52am at PU 05, Registration Area 03, Irewole local government voting ongoing.

At 9.04am, voting going on steadily at Ward 7 PU 12, Iwo LG, as the card reader is working well and registered voters are voting in succession.

In Polling Unit 005 ward 5 ileogbo Ayedire Local Govt Area, the Poling officer complained that the card reader is running out of battery. There are 279, four security personnel… I confirmed APC sharing money at this polling units.. Some complained of being given N,2000.00 while some said they were given N500. Two underage persons were caught by the security personnel and they were later allowed to vote.

8.57am: Voting is going on peacefully. The elderly are being assisted as required at Ward 07, PU 007,Community Pry. School, Oke-Ada, Irewole LGA.

Controversy between party agents and police officers at Ara/ ward 3/town hall/ Egbedore LG. The police refuse to allow use of mobile phones at the polling booths.

At 8:19 a.m. Ward 2 unit 6. Abogunde/sagba 12 Bisiku Lane, Ede North. Voting has commenced but the voting cubicle is somewhat open and accessible. Observers can easily see who a voter is voting for.

9:04 am. Unit 7, Ward 6,PU 008,Irewole local government has 532 registered voter. Voting ongoing.

As at 8:28 am, in AUD Primary School, ward 6, Polling Unit 6, Orolu L.G. Olufon area, the elderly people are being treated with respect by the voting officials. They are asked to sit down and thereafter move towards accreditation point as at when due.

A group of police officers trooped in with their guns. The officer leading the troop sternly warns the INEC officers and security officers around not to allow anybody to show their votes to anybody. And they should never allow vote buying.

At 8;34, PU 003– Baptist Primary School, Oke Ila. Ward 05- OBAALE, Ifedayo Local Government Area, gun shots were heard from distance. An eye witness, who doesn’t want his name mentioned and our driver, who had his car parked close to the area later confirmed to us that the gun shots came from police officers standing around Oke Ila Orangun Police station.

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Ede South LGA: Ward 4, PU005 9:00am. Card reader could not recognise many of the voters even when they cleaned their fingers as directed. INEC officials, however, working patiently with the voters. The SPO addresses the electorate about the need to be patient.

9:04am, PU 005, Ward 8, Okua/Ekusa – St. Thomas primary school II, there are 427 registered voters on the list. The queue is a long one with two policemen and 1 NSCDC officer on ground. The various party agents are confined in a particular spot to monitor the electoral process.

At 9:07 at Ward 2 PU1 Ikirun LG, the accredited voters are 800. The PO directed his APO to start making use of the voting point after this observer asked for the numbers of voters in his PU.

At 9 :08am, Ike Oja PU 4, Ward 1 of Ifelodun Local Government, the PO refused to disclose the total numbers of ballot papers. But she asserted that there are enough ballot papers for the voters.

Ejigbo: 09:12am. Ward 9. PU 6. Some people complaining of not finding their names on the accredited voters list. This has discouraged some people from voting.

At 9:12am, Polling Unit 007, Ward 02, Boluwaduro Local govt, voting in progress, however some persons thumbprint could not be authenticated.

09:20 am: Large turnout of voters at Post Office, Gidigbo II, Ward 12.,Iwo Local Government.The polling unit of the ADP candidate, Moshood Adeoti. He is not here yet but voting is going on without hitch and there is no reported issue with the card readers. DSS officials and armed police officer are at the entrance of the polling unit.

The candidate of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in the ongoing Osun election, Ademola Adeleke, has expressed concern over the functionality of card readers in the process.

He raised this concern after casting his vote at Polling Unit 9, Ward 2, Ede North Local Government on Saturday.

Mr Adeleke voted some minutes after 8a.m.

Speaking with journalists after exercising his right, he asserted his optimism at victory while raising concern over the card readers.

He said, “I hope the card readers work because it took process before the card reader started working. So far so good, it’s been peaceful.

“We’ll have a fair election. I’m very optimistic that I’m going to win this election.”

Responding to questions on accusations against him before election, Mr Adeleke said such moves by his opponent were borne out of fear.

“All allegations levelled against me is (are) false. It’s all lies.

They tried to make sure that I do not stand this election. I’m qualified, I have all it takes. They are afraid of me because they know that in a free and fair election, I’m going win. And by the special grace of God, that’s what’s going to happen. I’m going to win.”

At 9: 28 am, voting is going on peacefully at PU 5, Ward 1 Ikirun, Ifelodun Local Government.

At 8;34, PU 003– Baptist Primary School, Oke Ila. Ward 05- Obaale, Ifedayo Local Government Area, gun shots were heard from distance. An eyewitness, who doesn’t want his name mentioned, and our driver, who had his car parked close to the area, later confirmed that the gun shots came from police officers standing around Oke Ila Orangun police station.

As at 8:59am. In Ajanta junction, Ward 6, Polling Unit 5, Orolu LG, Olufon. Election in going on well, amidst peace and order between electorates and the officials.

According to the APO II, materials are available for physically challenged persons. As at the time of this report, she said “they have not attended to any disable person.”

ADP governorship candidate, Moshood Adeoti, arrived his polling unit at Post Office, Gidigbo, Iwo LGA but quickly left the polling area into the town to speak with his supporter. The ADP candidate arrived around 9:20 a.m.

As at 9:00am, accreditation and voting has already commenced simultaneously in 15 PUs in 5 of the wards visited in Ejigbo town, Ejigbo LGA.

Asides minor scuffles by voters that on long queues, the process has been hitch free so far.

The cubicles were placed sideways so as to ensure voter secrecy as INEC promised.

Earlier signs of rain disappeared as the weather became clearer.

There were delays due to hitches caused by some malfunctioning card readers in ward 1, unit 5 at Bada Sakasaka.
There was a bit of exchange of words between voters queueing up at Ward 1, unit 1 in Ejigbo town hall, directly opposite the central mosque. The total number of registered voters there is 739.

Voting continued normally at all units in Ward 2, Unit 4 in Ogbabijo area; Unit 10 a and b, DC primary school, Iwo road. Unit 5 in Elejigbo has 540 registered voters while Unit 6 in Aromadu area boasts of 714 and Unit 13 in Aluokoso, about 451 registers voters.

Ward 3: unit 1 in Beulah Baptist School is with the highest number of registered voters so far, 1,053. However, there were no hitches.

Ward5: As at 9:20am, there was increased presence of security personnel at some units in ward 5. While Unit 3 in Akinde/Asaru road appear normal, irregular movement and accosting of voters by party agents was noticed at unit 4 directly opposite Ayegbogbo primary health Centre in Ejigbo town.

At 9:27am, voting going on peacefully with underage children hawking and selling for voters on the queue at Ward 1, Unit 2, LA Primary School, Popo Iragbiji, Boripe LG. Several media outlets on ground waiting for the arrival of All Progressives Congress (APC) candidate, Gboyega Oyetola, at the polling unit

At 9:31pm, Ward 05, PU 007, Ataoja E, Odofin Peter Ajibola, Osogbo LG, an SDP agent was seen distributing puff puff to people on the queue. Not everyone collected it though.

At 9 33 am, polling unit 06, ward 1, Agbojare, Ifelodun local government. According to a voter who refused to disclose his identity, “Out of the three card readers brought by INEC officials, only one is working.” When the INEC presiding officer was asked, she refused to give any comment.


Ward 3, Unit 8A and B, Irewole LGA.

Voting in progress.

However, the PO complained that the card reader is slow.

This could lead to a long queue.

9:39am, RA 01, PU 005, Owode Market Square, Okuku, Odò Otin Local Government Area. with total number of 675 registered voters. Voting is in progress.

The party agents are seated, voters are on queue while there’s also a secluded area for voters to check the registration list.

At 9: 45 am, PU unit 6, ward 1 Agbojare, Oke Oja, the SPO of the ward came around to address the party agents and asked them to fill a form indicating that all materials brought to the polling unit are complete and accurate. He also gave his remarks about the unit as being the most peaceful.

INEC supervisor and election monitor have just given a stern warning to the PO and APOs that if anyone comes to the PU to vote with temporary voters card, they should not be allowed to vote even if their names appear on the register. This was due to an incident where a man got angry for not being allowed to vote with his temporary card and the case was reported to the INEC supervisor @ ward 4,PU 2 iperindo Atakumosa East local government.

9:21am at Irepodun LG, unit 9, ward 9. Voting is going on smoothly. The security personnel attended to matters that might cause crisis. There are four INEC officials (Two males and two females)

By 9:25,In Olorunda LGA, in Ile Agonna, Ward 7,PU 7,there are 852 registered number of voters and voting is going on smoothly

9:32am: A common observation from all the polling units visited in Ward 2, Irepodun LG, is that all the party agents had their tags on and security agents had their tags attached to their uniform as well.

RA 10 PU 004 LA school Ogbon Egbe, Ilesa West. At 9:13am, the place is noisy. Everyone is seen complaining. Number of registered voters is 715. According to one of the security agents present, the place is rowdy because some elderly ones didn’t know the logo of the party they wanted to vote for and wanted some people to show them. The party agents were angry about this. So the security agents or APOs assisted them instead. But there’s still commotion around.

At 9:25am, an official of INEC came with a bus, came down and called all party agents available to explain his action of correcting the PU code on the ballot box. He claimed the wrong ballot box was shared between Town Hall I and II of Ward 9, Agbaaja/Iwo-Oke, Ola-Oluwa Local government.

At 10.00am, so far so good, no one has been seen using a
phone in the voting cubicles in Ifelodun local government.

9:50 am, Voting is in session at St. Anthony Primary school, PU 001, Ward 01, Oba Ojomu registration area of Odò Otin Local Government Area. Voting is going on peacefully in an orderly manner but it seems some vote buying is ongoing in connivance with security officials. An unidentified man, tall, dark with a native attire walked up to this observer and whispered in my ears, in Yoruba saying “Ẹ̀gbọ́n, kò sì wàhálà, a má settle yín (There is no problem here, we will give you some money).” He said unnamed persons have gone to bring another round of cash.

10:02am Ward 3, Unit 8, Irewole LGA. Voters on queue are engaged in heated argument over persons disrupting the queue. Security officials and the elderly intervene. Also, quite a lot of voters could not be put through the folding procedures.

Hence so many ballot papers were not properly folded, a factor that might lead to some votes being voided.

10:02am at PU 007, Registration Area 006(7), Irewole local government. Arguments ensued among the party agents over the directive given by a party agent to help an aged woman to vote. Other agents claimed that the young man directed to help this aged woman belongs to the party of the agent that gave the directive. INEC officials intervened and calmed the situation.

09:36am, At Ward 7, Unit 3, Olorunda LG, voting is in progress. There are 705 registered voters, amid controversies over giving the elderly preference to vote first. Some of the electorates planned to disrupt the voting process if any aged persons are called in. Olorunda local government.

In Olorunda LGA, by 9:40 am, Ward 3, PU 1,Voting is ongoing. There are 658 registered voters. Seven party agents are well seated in front of the voting desk and about four security personnel identified.

At 10:07am, APC Candidate, Gboyega Oyetola, arrived Polling Unit with wife at Polling Unit 2, Ward 1, Boripe LG.

At 8 different polling units visited in Boripe LG, security and INEC officials are not enforcing the ban on mobile phones at polling booths.

Some voters just complied on their own while some took their phones with them.

At Ward 010, PU 004, new post office area, two voters were seen snapping the ballot paper after voting in the cubicle.

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As at 9:20am. Jaleyemi, ward 6, polling unit 2, Orolu L.G. Election is going on smoothly there.
The stipulated rule of “no permanent voter’s card, no vote” is well observed by the officials.

At 10:15 am Unit 1 Ward, Methodist pry school, Oke Afo Ikirun, Ifelodun Local government. No of Reg voters 500. The presiding officer Aisha Abulfatiah said election started at 8:am

The former national chairman of the All Progressive Congress (APC), Bisi Akande, has assured that his party’s candidate, Gboyega Oyetola, will emerge the winner of the Osun State governorship election.

Mr Akande said this after casting his vote on Saturday morning.
He arrived at his polling unit, PU 12, Ward 4 of Isedo area in Ila-Orangun local government, at about 10:04 a.m.

While addressing journalists after casting his vote, Mr. Akande said:
“My party has always been assured of victory especially in this part of the country, we are everywhere.”

A total of 48 parties are participating in the election including the APC whose candidate is Gboyega Oyetola.

When asked about his assessment of the 2018 voting exercise in comparison to the ones held in the past, he said: “Gone are those days, like four years ago, when people are forced to vote. This time around people are trooping out en masse to happily cast their votes.”

Mr Akande was the governor of Osun State from 1999–2003, as a member of the Alliance for Democracy (AD). He was the first chairman of the APC when it was formed in the build up to the 2015 general elections.

10:30am, The candidate of the ADC, Fatai Akinbade, arrives PU1, Ward 3, Ola-Oluwa local government to cast his vote.

Ayeso Ward 10 unit 3, Methodist Oke, llesha West. Electorates gathered in small groups discussing how to get their pay from agents of parties they voted for.

The police came in, used teargas to disperse the crowd and arrested some men who were later released.

The police officers seized the list containing the names of those to be paid. The guys were held in the police van for some minutes, but later released after pleas by voters in the area.

10:29 a.m., PU Agboje, Ede North Local Government, Polling Unit Code 5. A visually impaired woman was assisted to vote. The young man who assisted her to vote was the person who imprinted his finger print on her ballot paper. When other voters raised alarm, they were pleaded with to keep quiet and not cause a commotion.

10:23 am at ward 5, PU 4, in Olorunda LGA, there is problem as some party agents are complaining that, aged persons are not voting for their candidate of choice as the person helping them are putting their fingers on the wrong party. Some of the party agents complaining include those of the SDP, PDP, and APC. However, the security personnel are putting the situation under control.

10:29 am, Polling unit 002, ward 02, Boluwaduro Local Govt. Voting in Progress. According to the PO, there was a case of smart card reader failure to read a voter’s card, but it has been resolved and the voter has voted.

At 10:42 am, Polling Unit 6, Ward 4, Ifelodun local government. Voting is in progress although there is disagreement between police officers and voters about the elderly ones and the pregnant women being allowed to vote before others.

10:36 am, Ward 01, PU 009, In front of PA David Alaran’s house, Okuku, Odo Otin Local Government Area, voting is in progress with 637 registered voters on the list. There is, however, a long queue of voters standing patiently in the sun to cast their votes. There are five policemen on the ground at the PU.

At 10: 42 am, Now at polling unit 6 ward 4 Ifelodun local government, voting is in progress although there is disagreement between police officers and voters about the elderly ones and the pregnant women voting before men.

10:30am: Irepodun LG, Ward 1, Unit 3, everything is going on smoothly. Security agents confirmed that the use of phones at the polling booth haven’t happened since the exercise commenced. The PO also said everything has been going on well, and the people have been cooperating too.

10:23 am at Ward 5, PU 4, in Olorunda LGA. There is problem as some party agents are complaining that aged persons are not voting for candidates of their choice as the persons helping them are making them thumbprint for the wrong party. However, security personnel were seen trying to resolve the controversy.

At 10:47 ward 4 PU 6 Isale oke Ifelodun LGA, the security guys are finding it hard to control the voters to be orderly.

10:40 — In Ward 004 PU005 of Ayedaade LGA, vote buying was suspected by the electorates, and an alarm was raised. A security personnel waded in and the act was botched, tentatively. The SPO then ordered that if votes would be bought, it should not be within the voting premises. “It can, however, be bought outside the voting area,” he added.

EJIGBO: 10:50am – A minor fight was observed between an APC and a PDP party agent at Ward 2, PU7 in Ejigbo shopping plaza.

It was learnt that the misunderstanding was caused by a woman whose name appeared twice in the voters’ register.

However, security operatives in the centre settled the misunderstanding and promised to sort out the issue.

At 10:47am, Irepodun LG, Elerin C, PU 06, Ward 09. there are 214 registered voters and ten party agents on ground.

A party agent was sharing snacks to both voters and other party agents.

Some people were not allowed to vote because their names were not on the voters’ register. Voters who voted for specific parties had their names written down for “payment later,” according to a voter who did not disclose his name.

At 11:05am, Omisore arrives at PU 3, Ward 1, Ife East LGA to cast his vote.

EJIGBO: 10:50 am – A minor fight was observed between an APC and PDP party agent at Ward 2, Pu 7 in Ejigbo shopping plaza.

It was learnt that the misunderstanding was caused by a woman whose name appeared twice in the voters’ register.

However, security operatives in the centre settled the misunderstanding and promised to sort out the issue.

11:12 pm: All is going on smoothly at Ward 3, Unit 4 and 5, Irepodun LG. A set of security agents mentioned that they are on foot patrol across the ward to ensure that everything goes on peacefully.

10:59am Ward 3, Unit 8, Irewole LGA Voters spotted sitting on the bare ground under the scorching sun as a result of the long queue.

EJIGBO: 10:50am – A minor fight was observed between an APC and PDP party agents at Ward 2, pu7 in Ejigbo Shopping Plaza.

#OsunDecides2018: APC candidate Oyetola votes, speaks on likelihood of victory

The candidate of the All Progressives Congress, Gboyega Oyetola, has expressed optimism that he would win the governorship election in Osun State.

Mr Oyetola said this while casting his vote in his hometown in Iragbiji, Boripe Local Government Area.

The candidate voted at about 10:15 a.m. at PU1, Ward 2, LA Primary School, Popo Iragbiji, Boripe Local Government Area.

While addressing journalists after casting his vote, Mr. Oyetola said: “From the report reaching me, everything is still going on smoothly but it will be difficult to judge now”

When asked about the voting process, he said he believes INEC has advanced as the card reader appeared more efficient.

“I put my fingers and it captured once. It shows that we are advancing. I’m optimistic that at the of the day, we will emerge.”

A total of 48 parties are participating in the election including Mr Oyetola.

Mr Oyetola was the former Chief of Staff to the outgoing Osun State Governor, Rauf Aregbesola.

At 10:20 am ward 05, PU 004 (Ogidan pry school), Ataoja E, Osogbo LG. The total number of voters is 1158. There are 2 VPs and 2 APOs with nine officials – three females and six males.

One of the APOs reported that they had issues with the card readers when voting started but it has been resolved and they are working well now.

At 11:15, Ward 4, Unit 4, Ojude Oke, Boripe LG, some residents are seen protesting that only the APC candidate should be voted for. While police tried to curb the protest, people are seen vacating polling units for their safety. “No APC, No Vote,” the protesters chanted, scaring other voters. One of those who vacated the queue alleged that those shouting were doing so based on the money shared in the area last night to the community leaders and “area boys.”

At Orolu LGA, from observation and discussion with some voters, the issue of open vote buying has been curbed as party agents are being extra careful not to be seen. A voter at Ward10 PU1 noted that it was announced that anyone who gives money to voters should be reported to security officials.

Sunday taking money from his bag to be given to electorates who had already voted…

At 11:37 am Ward 9 unit 001, Iba open space/RCM1 Ifelodun LGA. A total number of reg voters 484.

Fighting started when electorate prevented some thugs that came to steal the ballot box but we’re later prevented.

According to a party agent, it was the (Oba) king, who is a supporter of APC that sent the thug. Further investigation revealed that the Oba of IBA, Professor Oba Adekunle Okooye told the people that they must vote for APC.

10:46am: Ifedayo LG, Ward 06,Polling Unit 3 Aworo/Oke Ila rural. A young man called Sunday was standing some distance away from the polling unit, waiting for voters who their names had already been registered with an older man, who was standing near the cubicle to observe and confirm those that really voted for the party. The cubicle was set in such a way that party agents can see who voters voted for.

The attention of the police officers around was drawn to the situation, and they in turn arrested Sunday, the young man sharing the money, and drove him away from the vicinity, followed by older man who was said to be the party leader.

After some minutes, the police officers followed took Sunday and the party leader in their vehicle away from the polling station. Sunday returned minutes after the party leader returned.

It was also observed that there was an error on the voters registration list pasted on a nearby wall.

The polling unit code on the voters PVC contradicts the PU code written on the list pasted on the wall.

One of the electorates affected, Mr Bodunpe, narrated his experience.

“What I have on my PVC is that I am in Polling Uit 004, but the address is directing me to polling units 003.

“On getting to Polling Unit 003, I saw my data on the wall. I am not the only one affected, some had been allowed to vote before I came but when the population is becoming alarming, we were asked to go to Polling Unit 004 which is on our PVC.”

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“On getting there, our data couldn’t be found, we were sent back to Polling Unit 003. But when we got there, we were not allowed to vote.”

However, the Electoral Operation Support Centre (EOSC) officer in charge of the local government addressed the affected electorates, soliciting for their patience and promising to get the issue resolved before 2pm.

At 11:40am Ward 09 Unit 01 Aloki/ Akoda Ede South,a voter, Adekoya Adebayo Adeyemi, is devastated for not casting his vote. Mr.Adeyemi claims he has written several letter of complaint to INEC for his PVC but they keep asking him to come back. “I have gone to the INEC office several timess, written letters as regards this but nothing has been done about it, I was also at the office last week but I could not get my card. It is sad that I cannot exercise my right even after putting so much efforts” he said, as he is seen making an exit from the polling unit.

11:50 am, PU 005, Ward 7, Eripa, Boluwaduro Local Government Area, voting in progress, however, two voters have not been allowed to vote because the names on the Card contrast with those displayed on the smart card reader.

At 11: 54 am, PU 003, Ward 9, Oja Obada Iba 1, Ifelodun local government, some persons were seen taking voters who they identified as voting for their party to a particular car park around the centre in order to settle them after penning their names down.

Unit 009 Ward 11/St Andrews Pry School, Babakekere, Ibokun Road Osogbo, the setting of cubicles not properly concealed from vote buying perpetrators. However, security Officer, Korma, said phone restriction is fully in force.

At 11:58,Ede South,Ward 9 PU 1,.some electorate’s name appeared twice and while some didn’t find their names on the voter’s register even after affirming they were to vote there. They feel they have been disenfranchised.

At 12 pm ward 9 PU 6 Iba IFELODUN LGA a policeman was overheard telling his counterpart that they are have been offered an envelope while another cop said the area is becoming tensed as the thugs sent from the Iba of Iba are planning to carry the ballot box. The voting queue is now populated by guys even the area.

A party agent notified the police officers at Ifon Orolu Local Government, Olufon Orolu C (Ward 3), Araromi Area (Polling Unit 5) that information got to him that some hoodlums were around the area to cart away the ballot box.

With immediate response, the police officer in charge of the area called for reinforcement from the mobile police to further secure the polling unit.

12:23 pm, PU 001, Ward 5, Baptist Primary School, Ekosin, Ekosin/Iyeku – Odò Otin Local Government Area, the voting session is still on. The people are however complaining of the slow process as they’ve been in the scorching sun for long.

Who’s to assist the elderly and the physically challenged during the voting process? Party agents or those who assisted them to the unit? Resolving this was drama at many polling units especially between party agents and INEC officials.

At 12:00am, PU 006, Ward 8, Odo Otin, there was a strong heated argument between security operatives and party agents concerning the issue of helping elderly voters.

At 12:20 pm, at ward 11, PU 013, Fagbemi Street, Baba kekere, Osogbo LG, the APO 3 reported that the card reader several times rejected voters’ cards but they were recaptured and it worked. However, two persons have been disallowed to vote so far as the card reader didn’t capture their cards at all.

#OsunDecides2018: Aregbesola votes, speaks on conduct of election

The outgoing Governor of Osun State, Rauf Aregbesola, and his wife, Sherifat, cast their votes in Ilesa during the Osun governorship election.

The couple voted at Ward 8, Unit 1, Ifofin polling booth in Ilesa East Local Government Area of the state.

Mr Aregbesola, in company of his wife and some family members, arrived the polling booth at about 11.53 a.m. After the duo were told voting rules and regulations by the election officials, they were accredited, and allowed to vote.

Speaking with journalists shortly after casting his vote, the governor expressed satisfaction with the conduct of the election so far. He called on the electorate to maintain peace throughout the exercise and after.

He also applauded the security arrangements, pointing out that democracy has come to stay, as long as people are allowed to make their choice of leaders without any fear or threat.

Mr Aregbesola expressed confidence that his party, All Progressives Congress (APC) will be victorious, just as he assured of maximum support for his eventual successor.

APC is one of the 48 political parties taking part in the governorship election.

Osun: Police arrest two men inducing voters with money

Police officers on election duty in Osun State have reportedly arrested two men who were caught inducing voters with petty cash at a polling unit in Iwo.

Iwo has one of the largest concentrations of votes in the state.

Although their identity could not be immediately conformed, both suspects are said to be loyalists of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), whose candidate is Ademola Adeleke.

They were nabbed in Malete neighbourhood.

The police say the suspects will remain in custody as the matter is being investigated.

Reports of votes buying in OsunDecides have continued to pile up as the exercise enters mid-day.

PREMIUM TIMES observed that both the PDP and the All Progressives Congress, the two largest parties in the election, have been engaged in votes buying tactics through their proxies.

#OsunDecides2018: Police arrest, release vote buyer

A vote buyer was arrested and later released by police officers in Osun State.

The buyer, identified as Sunday, was arrested at Polling Unit 03, Ward 06 of Ifedayo Local Governnment Area on Saturday.

At about 10:46am, the man was seen standing some distance away from the polling unit as he waited for registered voters to vote and confirm the party they really voted for. Mr Sunday was assisted by an older man who was closer to the voting cubicle to comfrim the electorates’ vote while he (Sunday) distributed the money.

Shortly after, the attention of the police officers around was drawn to the situation, Mr Sunday and his accomplice (who is said to be the party leader) were arrested and taken away from the vicinity in a police vehicle.

Mr Sunday, however, returned few minutes later, just after the party leader.

Several similar cases of vote buying were witnessed across Osun, where, unlike in Ekiti, the voters were not paid within the vicinity of the polling unit.

When contacted, an officer who answered the Osun Police Control Room telephone line, simply said she was not aware of the situation. She also refused to give her name.

“Please this is the control room line. We only take complaints here. I don’t know what you are talking about. Ive not heard that one,” she said.

In the same polling unit, PREMIUM TIMES also observed that there was an error on the voters registration list pasted on the wall. The polling unit code on some voters’ Permanent Voters Cards did not tally with the code written on the list pasted on the wall.

One of the electorates affected, Mr Bodunpe, said, “What I have on my PVC is that I am in Polling Unit 004, but the address is directing me to polling units 003.

“On getting to Polling Unit 003, I saw my data on the wall. I am not the only one affected. Some have voted before I came but when the population was becoming alarming, we were asked to go to Polling Unit 004 which is on our PVC. I came back here and our data couldn’t be found, we were sent back to Polling Unit 003. But when we got there, we were not allowed to vote.”

However, the Electoral Operation Support Centre (EOSC) officer in charge of the local government addressed the affected electorates, soliciting for their patience and promising to get the issue resolved before 2 p.m.

Voting was still going on across the state as at the time of this report.

A total of 48 political parties are taking part in the election.

At 12:44 ward 11 PU 01 Obagun Ifelodun LGA, total registered voters 546, INEC monitoring officer came to ask the P.O and APO if they’ve been paid and they said no.

Ward 3, Unit 9, Irewole LG
Total votes = 230
162 successfully accredited while 68 failed.

At exactly 2:37 pm at PU003,WARD10 NUD primary school,iree BORIPE LGA
Results are as follows:



2:33 p.m.: Ward 03, PU 005, Boluwaduro Local Government.

Total of 64 votes cast, with ADP=12 votes.
APC=17 votes.
APP=1 vote.
PDP=17 votes.
SDP= 16 votes.
Three rejected ballot papers.

2:33 p.m.: Ward 03, PU 005, Boluwaduro Local Government.

Total of 64 votes cast, with ADP=12 votes.
APC=17 votes.
APP=1 vote.
PDP=17 votes.
SDP= 16 votes.

Three rejected ballot papers.

Ifon Orolu Local Government, Olufon Orolu D (Ward 4), Bolorunduro II (Polling Unit 6) as at 2:50PM

197 Voters

PDP – 73
APC – 82
SDP – 26
Void – 7
PPC – 1
FJP – 1
APA – 1
PRP – 1
SME – 1
ADC – 1
PPP – 1
ADP – 2

PU 002 (VP B), Ward 10 Okin ni/Olorunsogo/Ofatedo, Egbedore LGA


*A* = 1 vote

*APC* = 46 VOTES

*SDP* = 79 VOTES

*PDP* = 39 VOTES


*ACD* = 1 VOTE

PU 002 (VP B), Ward 10 Okin ni/Olorunsogo/Ofatedo, Egbedore LGA
A = 1 vote

Results from Aare ward 4 PU 4 Ifedayo, Ife South.

1. PDP: 32
2. SDP: 57
3. APC: 98
4. NPP: 1
5. ACP: 2
6. PDC: 1
7. APA: 2
8. LP: 0
9: SMP: 1
10. PPA: 1
11. ADC: 2
12. ADP: 2
Rejected: 19
Total number of votes cast: 218.
Number of accredited voters: 406.
Counting ended by 2:35pm.

At Polling Unit 13, Ila Local Govt.
PDP- 38
APC- 41
SDP- 9
ADC- 0
Rejected vote- 6
Void Vote -1
Total vote- 98

PU 006 , DTC School Ikirun, Ifelodun local government voting point 2,

The voting Point election Results

PDP : 67

APC : 47

SDP : 18

PPA : 2

ANRP : 1

PPC : 1

UPN : 1

ADP : 19

ADC : 2

NNPP : 1

APP : 1

ADP : 19

YDP: 1

VOIDS : 26

Polling Unit 8, Ward 1, Odo Otin Local Government


PDP – 75
APC – 41
SDP – 14
AD -1
GPN -1
ADC -33
Void 4

PU 7 VP 3 ward 3 ife east local government has finished counting votes

APC 44
PDP 36
SDP 153

Credits: Premium Times

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