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2019 presidency: General Jemibewon reacts to Obasanjo’s endorsement of Atiku, tells Nigerians what to do

A former Minister of Police Affairs, Major General David Jemibewon (retd.), has backed the decision by former President Olusegun Obasanjo to forgive and endorse former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar to takeover from President Buhari in 2019.

He also advised Nigerians to do what is constitutionally right and vote for someone who is capable of turning things around.

Obasanjo had on Thursday declared his support for the presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP.

Jemibewon, a former military governor of the defunct Western Nigeria, pointed out to Punch that Obasanjo was in the right position to assess the political situations in Nigeria.

He said, “People may argue Obasanjo had consistently given bad report or opinions on Atiku but the salient question is: Is it not possible that you may hold an opinion today and tomorrow you hold another opinion.

“I think he has the right to do that and he has not violated any law, written or unwritten for doing that. He is expressing his democratic right. And I do not think anybody can query that.

“Chief Obasanjo had occupied that highest position in the country and so if anybody is really qualified to make an assessment of any situation politically in this country, he is the one.

“Obasanjo has a right to his personal opinion and those who are castigating him are also expressing their opinions and maybe somebody somewhere may castigate them for castigating somebody who also made his opinion known.

“Concerning the 2019 general elections, Nigerians should do what they believe is right constitutionally.

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“They should do what will bring progress to our country by voting for the person they believe will do the job and do it well by making Nigerians feel very proud and progressive once more.”

He added, “As far as the PDP is concerned, Atiku is the best. He is a qualified person and we pray he succeeds and that the country makes progress under his presidency.

“Atiku has the qualities to move the economy, unite Nigerians and address insecurity, insurgency and other developmental challenges of the country.

“In any case, no single person can do everything that the country needs. So we all know that we want the country to progress under whosoever is occupying such a position.

“We should all be ready to make our own contributions and he will use his leadership qualities to ensure that the aggregate of his policies is to propel the country to greater heights. So I think Atiku has those qualities.”


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