Babalola Blames Unemployment Crisis On Neglect Of Private Entrepreneurs

Founder of Afe Babalola University, Ado-Ekiti (ABUAD), Aare Afe Babalola (SAN) has blamed the currently unemployment crisis in the country on the neglect and lack of due recognition to the private sector entrepreneurs by government at all levels.

Babalola expressed this opinion during a convocation lecture titled: “Deconstructing The Nigerian Conundrum As a Panacea for National Cohesion and Transformation”, saying Nigeria is in crisis of unemployment because of widespread belief that one can only be successful if one is on the payroll of the government.

“Nigeria is in crisis of unemployment today, because graduates only think of getting employments with their certificates.

“Nigeria is a country of nations, with diverse interests and people, so the only thing that can bridge the gap is functional education. If we can have three or four schools like ABUAD, Nigeria will be better for it,” he said.

The lecture was delivered by the renowned broadcast journalist and the Chief Executive Officer of Channels Television, Mr. John Momoh,

In his lecture, Momoh lamented how Nigerian leaders from independence had been relying heavily on ethnicity to win elections, saying this had caused serious erosion of national integration.

He said the Federal Government upon realising the destruction such tendency had caused to the nation instituted the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) scheme, insisting that politicians still frustrated government’s efforts via consistent reliance on ethnic divisions to win elections.

Momoh added that the socio-economic and political problems of the nation can be resolved if government can place high premium task on

developing the youth population, by making them healthy, educated and productive.

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“In trying to find solutions to our crisis, it is important to emphasize the significance of our youth population. If nation’s youths are educated, healthy and productive, be assured that the nation will grow. If other variables are added, be confident of a prosperous future for Nigeria.

“Mark Zuckerberg was 19 when he founded Facebook, the networking site. Bill Gates founded Microsoft at 20, Steve Jobs was 21 when he invented Apple, Google’s Larry Page was 25 and Larry Ellisson of Oracle was 32 when they started. So, our youths must be audacious to face the challenges.”

On the preponderance of ethnic politics and its dire consequences on the nation, Momoh said: “The lack of unity among us led to the formation of Arewa Consultative Forum, Ohanaeze Ndigbo and Oodua Peoples Congress and they are all waxing stronger. Each of these ethic groupings speaks for their people, none speaks for Nigeria. They only talk about their ethnic nationalities.

“If we look at what is happening to us today, we will see that ethnicity is a negative value. It has contributed nothing but disunity in diversity, as ethnic groups are closer and their interest are of priority than national interest.

“Across length and breadth of Nigeria, ethnic politics can’t be avoided, our politics is ethnic oriented. The grounds upon which president, governors and others are elected, Ministers appointed, contracts awarded and policies are made, are on ethnicity.

“At every election, importance has been placed on where candidates come from rather than the right candidates for election. The only way we can navigate out of this conundrum is by finding a platform where national interest can be promoted and this will start with harnessing the potentials of our youths,” he stated.

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