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Paedophile begs for mercy after receiving 5 lashes but receives additional 95 lashes (Photos)

A paedophile got a deserved beating after he was sentenced to receive 100 lashes of the cane for having sex with an underage girl.

The Indonesian man was one of two men given the punishment, one for having sex with his underage step-daughter, and the other for having sex with an underage neighbour.

During the public flogging which was carried out in Indonesia’s conservative Aceh province on Wednesday, the man began begging for mercy after the 5th stroke of the cane.

He raised his hand and begged the masked officer carrying out the lashing to stop, saying he could not take the pain, but after doctors declared him fit enough to continue, he received 95 more strikes.

Local prosecutor Isnawati said:

We’ll only postpone a caning if the doctors say there’s a serious health threat.

The other man being punished took all 100 lashes in silence while blood began to seep through his white shirt.

Both men were also sentenced to up to five years in prison.


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