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“Don’t come to church with phones, iPad to read Bible” – Apostle Suleiman admonishes

Popular Nigerian clergyman, Apostle Suleman has admonished Christians not to go to church with their phones, iPad or any devices to read Bible from them.

He enjoined the congregation to desist from such act which doesn’t show reference to God.

Apostle Suleman said,

“Do not bring your Iphone, IPad, any device to church to read your Bible from it….”

“You can do that in your office, you can do that anywhere, but to read your Bible from your phone when you are in church, it doesn’t show reference to God…..”

“John 5 : 39 says search the scripture, it didn’t say punch the scripture….”

UK based comedian Wale Gates shared the video of Apostle Suleman preaching against bringing Phones to church.

Wale Gates 🇳🇬🇬🇧@walegates
“Don’t bring phone or tablet to Church” – Pastor Suleiman AKA OTOBO JOCKEY 🏇

The reason he doesn’t want you to bring your device to church is Bcos he doesn’t want you to Fact-check his BS in Real-time. It’s all about control.


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