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Outrage As Slay Queen Is Stripped Naked, Tortured After Phone Theft Accusation (VIDEO)

A Nigerian activist is set to take up the case of a lady who was brutally tortured after being accused of stealing a phone.

The yet-to-be identified lady was stripped totally unclad by her accusers and had pepper inserted into her private part to teach her a lesson following the allegation.

The men also filmed the brutal torture which was meted out on the accused and posted the video online which has now gone viral.

The brutal act on the lady has prompted activist Laila St. Matthew-Daniel, to take up the issue as she is urging the lady in the viral video to reach out to her so that those responsible for the torture will be arrested.

Meanwhile, internet users have been left outraged over the saga – with many condemning the horrifying act on the lady.

Watch The Video Below:


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