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Nigerian Man Declared Wanted Along With Others Over Violent Crimes In London (Photos)

The Metropolitan police in London has released the details of a number of individuals who have been declared wanted.

According to the police, these individuals including a Nigerian man identified as Taiwo Oladunjoye – are wanted in connection to (unrelated) violent crimes including very serious assaults.

Detective Superintendent Lee Hill, said: “Some of the incidents in question have seen victims with some extremely serious injuries and we are asking the public to be additional eyes and ears to help us locate these people.

“We often get asked by the public how they can help keep their communities safe, and providing information such as this is enormously helpful both in preventing and detecting crime.”

Detective Superintendent Hill, added: “I know some people are unwilling to pass on information such as this. However, I would ask people to consider how they would feel if it was their family member, loved one or friend that had been seriously injured or the victim of crime.

“Violence, drug and other priority crimes such as burglary are of great concern to the communities of London. We are committed to tackling these issues robustly and those we suspect to be causing harm and attempting to evade justice. Help us to keep London safe.

“Enforcement operations and investigations are in place across the capital to locate wanted suspects but the public can help significantly. Please get in touch if you know or see any of the individuals featured or you have information that could help locate them.

“One phone call could help potentially solve or even prevent a crime from happening. All information is treated confidentially and if you don’t want to speak to us, you can contact Crimestoppers who are totally independent of the police.

“If you are one of the individuals we wish to speak to, I would suggest handing yourself in at the nearest police station sooner rather than later. Knocking on our door is infinitely better than us knocking on yours!”


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