/Nigerians React To Photo Of Amala And Ewedu That Costs N6500 Per Plate

Nigerians React To Photo Of Amala And Ewedu That Costs N6500 Per Plate

Amala and Ewedu has been one of the most enjoyable Yoruba delicacies of the people of South Western Nigeria and has over the years, gained nationwide recognition.

The second reason is the fact that it is relatively affordable and can be easily gotten anywhere.

Well, it is either there is an alien invasion or capitalism is been played out at its peak because a certain Lagos restaurant for some reasons have decided to put a ridiculously high amount on the popular amala and ewedu meal as each plate goes for N6,500.

The photos were shared by a Twitter user identified as @The_Florentyna who simply wrote: “Amala. Warehouse kitchen. 6,500.”

As expected, the post caused quite a stir on social media as many people thought it ridiculous to put such a high price on something that can be easily gotten anywhere and deliciously so too.

Desmond Ajimuda@savvykeys
This is nice, I am glad you taking our Amala to this level. That rice and salad wey no worth am self Dey collect big money.

EARLY CUMMER👉👌@chiefpriest27
Replying to @RagerNBA38 and 2 others
You will collect change at amoke oge sef

Iya Moria Unilag, even if one is a glutton you can’t spend more than 600, walahi

AlPha FeMalE🇳🇬@Johykabuk
Amala!!! 6500?
Is salad inside?
Are there multivitamins inside🙄
😭when I enter sabo market Il come out with full Ghana must go.
🙄o da!

Vhic3 Adibe❄🇳🇬@Nobel_writer
If i buy this amala and the pot even with Your finger nails 6,500, my conscience will flog me with APC broom. Except this amala will give me immortality, and Djinn the Genie is inside the pot then forget it.

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