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Nigeria and Afghanistan Are The Most Prayerful Nations On Earth

Who would have thought? Nigeria and Afghanistan are the closest Nations to God? These are practically the most poorest places to be on earth! This message was posted by the Freethesheeple movement president, Daddy freeze, read the message below:

The country that prays the most is Afghanistan, followed closely by Nigeria. These two countries are both underdeveloped, unsafe and many of the citizens are trying to escape to the least praying nations like Ireland, Switzerland, Canada, UK and the Netherlands.

#Fact: China is the least praying nation on earth and they want to buy Africa.

#Fact: Can you imagine that Nigeria prays more than the United States??
While Israel, where Christ lived and where exists a wall of prayer, is one of the least praying nations in the world?

Who did this to us?

Our greedy and unscholarly Galaxy tithing pastors even go as far as bringing American pulpit jesters to entertain their praying circuses, milking their sheep and further enriching people who are already wealthy, whose countries are more progressive and less prayerful than ours.

Nigerians get visas to non/less praying nations and give testimony in Church about how their ‘prayers’ worked.
No joke on earth beats this! FRZ


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