Check Out Photos Of Fully Air Conditioned Keke Napep Spotted In Anambra State

Looks like a new model of Keke Napep will be rolling out soon but this version will be more conducive and would give a very enjoyable ride. This can be called the sophisticated version of Keke Napep.

The fully airconditioned Keke Napep looks like a mini car, much different from the regular tricycle you know which can be spotted in almost every part of Nigeria.

A lady was picture test driving the gold colour, a colour that is definitely different from the usual yellow or green Keke Napep are known to have.

We cannot confirm if this is a new version of the tricycle rolling out to be sold for private use. This makes us wonder if you would buy one of these sophisticated tricycle to move around especially in the busy cities of Nigeria known to have very hectic traffic jam.

We cannot deny that this is actually a very beautiful creation and introduction. Lovers of Keke can now enjoy their rides like they are in a private car or taxi as they are transported to wherever they are headed.

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