Beautiful Albino Lady Ayanda Sibanda Gets Crowned As Miss Albinism Zimbabwe( Photos)

Beautiful Ayanda Candice Sibanda is just 19-years-old but her dreams are so big they can scare you. She is a model, an aspiring actress and a humanitarian all wrapped in one with a ribbon on it.

Her social media page is an inspiration and her photos tell a tale of hard work, perseverance and determination. The beauty who lives with albinism is so comfortable in her skin and has no apologies for who she is.

Her beauty runs skin deep and the model’s urge to be a better person each day is enough to convince anyone that she makes the world a better place.

In May 2019, the gorgeous model was crowned Miss Albinism Zimbabwe after sweating it out with fellow beauties from across Zimbabwe.

Ayanda remains humble even after clinching award after award and never lets fame corrupt her spirit. Before being given the crown, she was declared the second runner up at a different pageant, Miss Teen Zimbabwe 2019. The young lady is a go-getter who does not let myths and misconceptions bring her down.

With the current discrimination against people living with albinism, all Ayanda wants to do is create awareness and tell everyone beauty runs skin deep.

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