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18-Year-Old Yahoo Boy Cuts Off His Penis, Dies

Nigerian doctor, Obinna Oke has taken to Facebook to share a sad news of a depressed 18-year-old undergraduate who died after cutting off his penis

According to Dr. Oke, the young man had been associating with yahoo boys and was reported to have been mumbling some incoherent words while he was being rushed to the emergency room.

The Doctor posted a gory photo of the dismembered penis of the deceased.

Oke wrote:

“Depression is real. His father alluded to the fact that he had been truant from school and mingling with a group of G-plus boys. As he was wheeled to the theatre, he kept shouting ‘E no suppose be me. Those wey do done dey Australia now. Why me? Me never do anything’ and bla bla bla.

That was how this young and ebullient looking 18 year old undergraduate kept us awake all-night in the theatre after cutting off his own joystick with a broken piece of mirror. We lost him unfortunately.

Dear parents, good parenting is a full-time job. If you must fail at this sacred duty, then don’t have children at all. And dear youth, please shun avarice. Embrace hardwork. Our government may have failed but don’t fail yourself.
Still in shock.”

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