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Photos: Beninese Offer Special Voodoo At A Shrine To Pray For Benin Success In Nations Cup Match

People attend a shrine in Cotonou to offer a special voodoo fetish ceremony for Benin success at the on-going Africa Cup of Nations in Egypt.

Benin shocked Morocco on penalties in the round of 16 to record its first ever victory in the competition and progress to a quarter-final showdown with favourites Senegal on July 10.

And for believers in the country where voodoo is widely practiced alongside Christianity and Islam, they believe help from the spirit world has pushed on the players.

Dah Gbediga, president of the indigenous religions of Benin, said he has been praying for the team since well before the tournament began.

“We achieved what we had never done before this year, we have impressed the whole world and we ask the ancestors to make it last for as long as possible.”

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