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Poverty In Nigeria Responsible For Increased Suicide Rates — Senators

The Senate has raised the alarm over the rising cases of suicide and attempted suicides across the country.

According to the Upper Chamber, “the crippling poverty among Nigerians and economic frustration” are the major causes of suicide in Nigeria.

The senators urged the Presidency to take immediate steps to halt the trend in the interest of the country.

They noted that to stem the tide, President Muhammadu Buhari should expand the scope and content of his administration’s Special Intervention Programme (SIP).

The senators also urged the President to leverage on extant schemes, such as the N-Power, in creating economic opportunities for the vulnerable sections of the population.

The Senate also urged President Buhari to ban the production, importation or circulation of Snipers brand of insecticide which most people use to commit suicide.

The resolutions followed the adoption of a motion on “Rising incidence of suicides among Nigerians” sponsored by Senator Theodore Orji and 15 others.

The motion reads: “Suicide could be prevented, particularly when family, friends and close relatives of the person contemplating suicide provide support, either by way of encouragement, listening to them and keeping them safe by staying around them.”

“Many people commit suicide out of ignorance and situations that could be addressed and the people in positions to help, encourage and assist, ignore to do so, thereby leaving them to commit suicide at will.

“The number of Nigerians taking their lives has assumed a frightening dimension of late and the government, religious institutions and other relevant corporate bodies have not addressed the ugly situation in the country. The situation may continue if not properly addressed.”

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