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Kudirat Abiola’s Daughter, Hasfat Abiola-Costello Celebrates Her Mom Who Was Assassinated By Abacha

Kudirat Abiola was one of the many victims of Gen. Sani Abacha she was murdered by his chief assasin, Sergeant Rogers. The reason for taking her out? She was poised to carry-on a legacy that was left behind by her husband, MKO Abiola. When she became a politician – Clearly she made the wrong choice, else she would have still been aline today:

Writing on Facebook book, Hasfat Abiola Costello, Said:

“My mum was killed in June 1996, three months shy of her 45th birthday.

I am 45 today. This year, more than ever, I am conscious of the gift of time.

I am thankful for –

My larger-than-life father, MKO, who taught me the importance of being African, to recognize that my humanity is connected to yours. .
My mother, who always said I should do ‘shuku,’ a traditional hairstyle that I later discovered is favoured by Yoruba queens. It was just one of the many ways my dearest mother nurtured the queen within me.

My siblings. All of them.

My husband and gentle angel children. .
My elders, friends and aburos (people younger than me).

All shape the person I have been, am and will be.

May my use of what time remains honour the deposits made into my life.

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