Robert Mugabe’s Z$17bn Coffin Has A Camera Inside (photos)

Some crazy stories have surfaced on social media and while a handful are true, some are blatant lies.

For that reason, Within Nigeria decided to investigate social media posts claiming Mugabe’s family splashed ’17 billion’ – not revealing in which currency – on his coffin.

According to the posts, Uncle Bob’s expensive coffin is computerised with a camera inside so that his family can watch him even after he has been buried.

Sakanwi Solomon Gomba (SSG)@SakanwiSolomonG
Robert Mugabe’s coffin is computerized in such a way that after his interment, his family can still look at his corpse through their phones. It’s worth around 17billion.Wonders have finally come to an end. #MugabeFuneral

First it was Adidas body bag now it’s Facebook in his coffin??💔 #Mugabe #MugabeFuneral
This is just very weird

Malumekazi™️Inkosikazi kaZolani@tholubuhle_m
My mom believes everything she sees on the internet & unenkani strong so at this point I don’t even argue. She’s saying her friends in her group said this is President Mugabe’s coffin.

The story seemed far-fetched and Within Nigeria decided to dig a bit deeper to determine the truth. We gathered that there were no verified Zimbabwean publications, nor any other news sites, that could confirm the bizarre claims.

We then turned to social media and were convinced that the story was in fact fake. Several photos of the former Zimbabwean president’s funeral were posted on Twitter and it is clear that his coffin does not resemble that of the claimed ‘computerised’ casket.

Vice- President Prof. Yemi Osinbajo attends the Funeral Of Former President Of Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe. Photos; Tolani Alli

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Lloyd Msipa🇿🇼@LloydMsipa
The failure by western countries to send a single message of condolences to the mugabe family & people of Zimbabwe following the death of RGM is a damning indictment of their double standards.Even Tony Blair @InstituteGC was mum over the death of his Nemesis #RIPMugabe

Daᴠirai Ϻusiƞɡɑrɑƅωi@davmmus
U expected #MandelicOutpouring?
Few noted Beji Caid Essebsi (Tunisia president) who died in office (Jun 2019).
There werent as many locals at Mugabe’s as were at Nkomo funeral.
What more foreigners?
Did U verify your assertion wrt lack of messages nema #Books0fCondolence?

Matthew Fearn@pixed
Somebody’s getting sacked for this: There’s a ‘this way up’ sticker on the coffin of murderous Zimbabwean dictator Robert Mugabe….. Photo: Siphiwe Sibeko/Reuters

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