FRSC Officials Safeguard Nigerian-Norwegian Man’s Money, Items – Career (photos)

There’s no gain saying that the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) is an elite government law enforcement agency that has since inception (Feb. 1988) distinguished itself among all other law enforcement agencies in Nigeria.

Besides ensuring a safer motoring environment via several measures including but not limited to Public Education, Clearing of Obstructions on our roads and Traffic Law Enforcement, the FRSC has lived up to and even beyond expectations in terms of prompt response to Road Traffic Crash emergencies.

In the course of carrying out these rescue operations, tremendous amount of valuables are mostly recovered from the crash scenes. These valuables ranges from electronic devices of all shapes and sizes, expensive jewelleries of all metal types, personal effects, cash (local and foreign currencies) and even vehicles which are meticulously safe guarded until the rightful owner or family member comes forward for identification and collection of course after proper documentation (written and pictorial).

Recently the elite corps was at it again, and this time a victim of RTC who was of dual citizenship (Nigerian and Norwegian) and had in his possession multiple currencies ($100USD BILLS, 500 NORWEGIAN KRONES, UAE DIRHAMS, and GHANIAN CEDDIS etc. was given a taste of the FRSC SOP as usual.

All properties belonging to the RTC victim (electronics, Nigerian and Norwegian passports) including the multinational currencies were safeguarded and duly handed over without missing a dime. Infact the bag was never opened till family representatives arrived for collection.

The question now is which Law Enforcement Agency in Nigeria can boast of this level of integrity and professionalism?

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If you say there is, state your facts and give pictorial evidence…

God bless the FRSC
God bless the Good people of Nigeria
God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria

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