Woman Accuse Taxify (Bolt) Driver Of Pushing Her Out Of His Speeding Car Over Disagreement On Method Of Payment (graphic photos)

A Nigerian Lady who has been has been inflicted with numerous injuries after a Taxify driver threw her out of his moving car has cried out.

The lady’s friend shared the story on Twitter alongside photos of the horrific injuries inflicted on the Taxify passenger. She said she had no cash and wanted to pay for the trip by doing an online transfer, which led to the attack.

The incident reportedly happened in Abuja and has been reported to the police by the alleged victim and the driver also.

Meanwhile, the victim had to be admitted in a hospital after she was rushed there by an elderly man who saw when she was thrown out of the speeding Taxify.

She suffered bruises to her skin, especially the skin on her back and elbows which peeled off when she rolled along the rough road after being thrown out of the moving car. Her new iPhone was also destroyed in the fall.

Read the thread narrating the assault below.

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