Nigerians React As DSS Rearrests Omoyele Sowore

Nigerians have fumed on social media after men of the DSS rearrested Omoyele Sowore today.

Nigerians have expressed anger on social media after men of the Department of State Services rearrested activist and former presidential candidate, Omoyele Sowore at the Federal High court in Abuja today.

Sowore was re-arrested by DSS less than 24-hours after he was released from their detention after a court order to release him and pay a fine of N100,000.

See reactions from Nigerians below.

“Justice slowly becoming a thing of the past n our dear country …. a kid somewhere in nigeria dreaming of becoming a lawyer and bettering the community would see this and start having doubts … just sad” – @iam_Davido

“Look at what buhari is turning Nigerian into. Who is the DSS accountable to??????” – @snehgod

“according to the law that set-up the SSS…they are accountable only to the president…not even the National Assembly…d law needs amendment. Buhari is the one yet to give directive for Sowore’s release” – @Osunwusi

“This is sad… Such disrespect to the court of law by law enforcement agents. This is shameful even for FG.” – @woman__being

“We have this kind of injustice going on in this country,yet all the senators know what to do is to pass a law on hate speech,social media and others so we won’t have access to see or drag them out” – @Samking10011

“OMG see lawlessness in court… This DSS officer need to be prosecuted and sentence to jail… This is coming people will stand tall to this lawlessness one day and it will be funny..Thanks for standing up to lawlessness great Nigerians…” – @Marlykar

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“Wetin sowore do this people… Do u now see we don’t have a law in this country? Imagine trying to strangle someone in a court?” – @oludaniel247

“I said it yesterday, that this government is not kind or ready to obey court order, can we all see what they did today, even chased away the judge, what a calamity” – @DOsilalu

“Everything that could be possibly go wrong, has happened in this administration. The masses have been so weakened. No rage. No mass action. Just some flash moments on twitter and that’s all. We now like a conquered people.” – @Alfred_chiedu

See more reactions below:

Big Odun Energy@OdunEweniyi
What we all need to realize is that this isn’t just Sowore’s business. This isn’t just his freedom at risk.

This is all of our freedom(s) at risk here. We’re staring down a horrid road lined with this kind of occurrences and the social media bill to make sure we don’t complain.

Sally Suleiman@is_salsu
The DSS isn’t doing any good to the Federal Government with the way they are handling Sowore’s case. I’m not a fan of Sowore but I implore the Federal Government to intervene and put a stop to this mess. Court orders should be obeyed!

Young Otutu@YoungOtutu
Judges can now be chased with Guns.

CourtRooms can now be desecrated with turmoil

Judgement of the court can note be abused right inside the court.

A sad day for democracy.
A sad day for the rule of law.
A sad day with a sad precedent.

Sowore, Buhari & the DSS ordeal.

JJ. Omojuwa@Omojuwa
Forget your political affiliation, what happened to Sowore today is an attack on your freedom and dignity as a Nigerian citizen. It should never happen. It is a disgrace on the Nigerian government and it should never be allowed to stand! #FreeSoworeNow #FreeSoworeAlready !

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M Abba@M_Abba_
DSS chased judge out of courtroom with gun

They re-arrests Sowore, & took him to their custody.

This type of tragedy had never happened even during Abatcha’s regime

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