Daddy Freeze reacts after woman used to perform fake miracles gets arrested.(PHOTOS)

Controversial Media Personality, Daddy Freeze has reacted to the news of the arrest of the woman popular known as ‘miracle vixen’ who was used by different pastors to perform fake miracles.

Daddy Freeze, who is renowned for being a staunch critic of some clerics, stated that ”it is sad our faith has become the devil’s worship”.

His Instagram post reads;

It’s so sad that our faith has become this devil worship. Our quest for miracles and quick wealth has turned us into a wicked and adulterous generation.

I feel sorry for her though, hope the pastors also get arrested because it’s no use arresting the woman while the main culprits walk free.

It’s working for me gang, Una see am?🙄

◄ Matthew 12:39 ►
New International Version.

He answered, “A wicked and adulterous generation asks for a sign! But none will be given it except the sign of the prophet Jonah.

As seen on blog…

I am a moslem, but the pastor, prophet Abbey would only ask me to bring my hand down and I will start bringing it down as if his power was the thing bringing it down and be jumping up in joy to the deceit of the congregation who often clapped with joy and praising God for the miracle. I cannot remember the names of all the churches she took me to because their names were not disclosed to me.

When I was in Lagos, she used to come and carry me in my rented one room apartment at Igando area of Lagos but in Port Harcourt and Abakaliki, she puts me in one of the rooms in the church premises. The performance in Port Harcourt was in Borikkiiri area.

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After, I would follow Fatila to wherever she wanted us to go and sleep. She never used me for prostitution”.

Speaking further, she said

I lost my conscience because suffering weakened my sense of reasoning. I needed money to treat my hand and everybody abandoned me. I needed to feed myself. I needed to survive.

Though I want to be healed, but with this experience, it would be hard for me to believe any pastor again. I don’t believe any pastor can heal me. If I see all the pastors involved in the scam with me, I will confront them.

They cannot deny me. If I see the woman, Fatila that carried me to them, I will hold her. I won’t mind the help she rendered to me because she used me to make money also and paid me peanuts.

My only regret is that I knew that it was a fake miracle performance, which deceived many genuine children of God and enriched the fake miracle performing pastors and prophets.

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