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PHOTOS & VIDEO: Billionaire Prophet, Jeremiah Fufeyin Gives Back Tithe And Offering To Nigerians To Fight Covid-19

Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin is currently giving back tithe and offering to Nigerians by way of charity, through his Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin (JOF) Foundation.

The Man of God who said that there is no better time for Men Of God to give back to members, followers and society as a whole, than this COVID-19 Isolation period has revealed that he is supporting Nigerians in fight against Coronavirus by giving Nigerians a whooping sum of 300 million naira.

He stressed that it is very insensitive for Pastors to suggest the collection of tithe and offering from members through an online services and banking as everyone is obviously going through a tough times.

In light of this, Prophet Fufeyin has been seen giving back to Nigerians since the lockdown kicked off, through the JOF Foundation.

Billionaire Prophet, Jeremiah Fufeyin Gives Back Tithe and Offering To Nigerians To Fight Covid-19

To start with, the Man of God has released over 25 Million Naira to his church workers, members and staff, to alleviate the effects of this season because, as they say, charity begins at home.

Fufeyin has so far, given out over 250 Million Naira on all his social media platforms since the lockdown began, and will continue till 14th of April and even more. He is still very much willing to continue giving for as long as it takes.

Watch video below:

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