Nigerian Tailor Shows Off The Surprise Package His Landlord Sent To Tenants As Coronavirus Relief Material

As Coronavirus lockdown persist, some Nigerians and organisations have been sending out relief materials to the needy in the society to cushion the effect of the lockdown and this generous landlord, is no exception.

A Nigerian tailor took to Twitter to share a photo of the package his landlord gave to every tenant to lessen the effect of the lockdown.

Each tenant got at least two packs of bottled water, one carton of noodles. There was also spaghetti, pack of cornflakes, beverages, tin tomatoes, bags of rice and more.

Sharing the photo, he wrote: “Guys I received my first surprise of the year. Our landlord sent us packages for each flats. I appreciate this because, NoBODY owes you anything!”

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