Young Girl Ends Up With Deformed Buttocks After Taking Toke Makinwa’s Advice On Plastic Surgery (VIDEO)

Toke Makinwa urged young women to follow her wayward path of life in getting their body done through plastic surgeries if they desire to keep their men!

Well, some naive women who have unfortunately listened and taken heed to Toke Makinwa’s advice are already regretting their decision.

After some of them have been left battling for their lives and the others left with life long bodily deformations which will constantly serve as a reminder of the terrible choices they have made in the past.

It is very unfortunate that many woman do not know the long term consequences of plastic surgery and are in a haste to get the perfect body that will woo the very rich man they are lusting after.

The footage from one of the poor ladies that fell victim to Toke Makinwa’s very bad advice, she is curently having issues and ended up with deformed body – checkout a video clip of the lady below in the hospital:

Hopefully, women will give it a very good thought before ending up like this young woman who has been so unfortunate.

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