Nigerians React As Police Arrest Mubarak Bala For Allegedly Insulting Prophet Muhammad

Nigerians from all backgrounds have taken to Twitter to express their opinions over the arrest of Mubarak Bala, a man alleged to have blasphemed Prophet Muhammad.

The Police arrested Bala for alleged blasphemy against Prophet Muhammad in a Facebook post.

He was arrested at his residence in Kaduna followed a petition against him by a group of lawyers to the Commissioner of Police in Kano State.

Following the arrest, Nigerians have taken to Twitter to trend the #FreeMubarakBala. See some of their comments:

Okay let’s break this down.

1. Blasphemy is a religious offence.
2. Religion is a matter of personal beliefs.
3. Our Constitution allows for freedom of speech, thought & expression.
4. Mubarak is not a Muslim & should not be subject to Sharia laws. #FreeMubarakBala

— Moe (@Mochievous) April 29, 2020

Mubarak Bala is an Atheist. Why should he be tried in a Sharia Court? He’s no Muslim #FreeMubarakBala

Ayo Sogunro – #Transformist@ayosogunro
Criminalising blasphemy under national laws rather than leaving it as a sin under personal beliefs is part of what Boko Haram stands for. Don’t be like Boko Haram. #FreeMubarakBala

Onye Nkuzi@cchukudebelu
#FreeMubarakBala reminds me of some very naive people in Southern Nigeria who insist that Nigeria stands for a coherent set of values – or that it is possible to build a Nigeria with a coherent set of values.

If you don’t know what “Nigeria” is, you will learn.

There’s no punishment for blasphemy in the Quran (The word of Allah), all the punishments you see are laws made by different leaders to oppress their people..You don’t have to take Allah’s battles #FreeMubarakBala

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Ayò Bánkólé@AyoBankole
I can choose to worship a stone & propagate that Jesus & Mohammed are frauds. So far I harm no one. Its fine. It’s an indictment on society & govt to admit that the opinion of anyone about religion can lead to violence & murder in 2020. This is Stone Age thinking #FreeMubarakBala

Adunni Achebe@_Adadioramma
Before you call for the arrest of someone whom you claimed insulted your prophet, do understand that your religion is not the constitution for all of humanity.

Muslims please take note.#FreeMubarakBala

IFA FUNSHO@funshographix
This is Mubarak Bala, he’s an indigene of kano. He was arrested this evening in Kaduna for blasphemy against Islam. What i can’t get here is when has blasphemy become a crime in Nigeria? I don’t know why black Muslims always fighting Allah battle #freemubarakbala

Ayo Sogunro – #Transformist@ayosogunro
All the police officers who claim Jesus is a mortal man should arrest all the police officers who claim Jesus is God and vice versa. And then both sets should be arrested by all the police officers who claim Jesus never even existed.

Since we are all mad. #FreeMubarakBala

Jack Robinson@MrFeral_
Speak up against Religious persecution and tyranny.

It’s Bala today, it may be you tomorrow, we are not an Islamist state, people have their GOD GIVEN right to freedom of Speech. #FreeMubarakBala

Jack Robinson@MrFeral_
If Blasphemy is a crime in Nigeria, every Christian and Muslim Leader/Teacher should be in Jail because everyday they blaspheme against the gods of the traditionalists #FreeMubarakBala

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