5 Years After Marital Vow, Lagos Couple Gives Birth To Quadruplets

In as much there is life, there is also hope. This was the basis of joyous tale of a Lagos couple identified as Mr. Nonso Amyaegbu and Mrs. Maureen who later welcomed quadruplet five years after their marriage.

The wife, Mrs. Maureen was delivered of the babies at the Federal Medical Centre (FMC), Ebute Meta, Yaba in Lagos.

The happy husband while recounting how the quadruplets were delivered said the babies, one boy and three girls, were given birth to on August 6, 2020 by a team of 20 medical personnel in a surgery that lasted about seven hours.

“My wife was taken into the theatre at about 7am and was there up-to about 1.30pm.

“While she was in the theatre, I was praying to God because I was very apprehensive.

“At a point, the fact that she was still in theatre overshadowed the joy of having the babies,” he said.

He said he had no idea the babies were four until after delivery, noting that all the scan results prior to delivery had shown triplet.

A staff of the Obstetrician and Gynaecologist Department, FMC, Ebute Meta identified as Dr. Job Adebayo explained that 41-year-old Maureen was monitored through-out her pregnancy up to the delivery stage.

Adebayo revealed that a caesarean section was planned for her delivery because of the number of babies involved.

“After I brought out the third baby, I was about to remove the placenta when I felt a kick on my hand and behold, it was the fourth baby in the amniotic sac.

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“In fact, the last child was the heaviest of them all.

“The babies weighed 1.5kg, 1.56kg, 1.6kg, but the fourth baby weighed 1.9kg,” he said, noting that they were all doing fine.

Narrating how life was before God answered their prayer, 43-year-old Amyaegbu said, “I and my wife have had to wait for over five years.

“It was really not easy as we were both very worried, my wife was particularly worried but we kept encouraging each other.

“What I did was that I ensured no one pressurised my wife or blamed her for not being able to bear a child.

“Two years into the marriage, we started asking questions, we sought medical advice, we got checked and we were both certified okay.

“So, my wife was placed on some multi-vitamin to boost her chances, she kept taking them until God answered our prayers in a miraculous way.

“When God eventually answered our prayers, we hoped for only child but we were surprised when the scan result revealed triplets.”

The father of the quadruplet, who is a quantity surveyor and mortgage consultant explained that results of the various scan carried out on his wife revealed triplet, even up to two days to her delivery.

“I was more surprised when the matron came out to congratulate me that my wife had been delivered of four babies.

“It was indeed a miracle because we have been praying to God for one or two, but he chose to shock us with four at a time,” he said.

He, however, said the babies were still in the nursery as his wife recuperates at the hospital.

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While he encouraged expectant couples to be patient, prayerful and never neglect medical help, he also called on the state government and Nigerians with the where-withal to support him in catering for his quadruplet.

The new mother, Maureen, a public servant thanked her husband for supporting and encouraging her during the waiting period.

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