“We Are Being Humiliated, Our Women Are Assaulted, Put In Cell Naked”, Nigerian Cries For Help From Libya

A middle-age Nigerian man based in Tripoli, the capital of Libya, has cried out to Nigeria government for assistance to evacuate stranded Nigerians from the North African country over alleged inhumane treatment.

The man who preferred to remain anonymous to the public, however, in a video chat with WITHIN NIGERIA, said he’s willing to unveil his identity and contact to the government and any agency or non-profit organizations who are willing to help stranded Nigerians from the situation in Libya.

While lamenting about the ordeals of Nigerians and other African Migrants in Linya, he also advised that others seeking a greener pasture outside their country should purge their decision of coming to Lebanon, otherwise they will end up in a hellish cell where no iota of human rights are observed.

“The cell is filled up and inmates are jampacked across the country, they are maltreating and assaulting our people, many have died in the process, even women are stripped in the cell (no bra, no pants). When they are on their period, they poor water on their body to wash them inside the cell,

“Some other countries have come to rescue their stranded citizens, Nigeria government should kindly do the same, some of us are ready to leave before we die,

“ A lot of Africans that are not in the cell are in hiding, the street is not safe also, Africans are randomly arrested from the street and put in the hellish cell.” He said.

When asked by our correspondent if the random arrest affects only illegal migrants, he said “No, some people with valid papers are also arrested, you will be taken to cell if you don’t have papers after arrest. If you have valid papers, at times it will be seized in disguise of further interrogation, it takes ‘connection’ to get your papers back if seized in such manner and within a short period of time you will land in the hellish cell if your papers are not returned.

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He promised to be in full cooperation if contacted by the government or any agency that may be willing to offer a rescue assistance. He also promised to reveal locations of the cells where Nigerians and other migrants are being humiliated across Libya and to assemble stranded Nigerians who are willing to return home.

He also disclose his phone number if contacted by fore mentioned volunteers or government representatives.

The reports of Libya hellish cell comes barely few weeks after a recent investigation exposed multiple Saudi Arabia’s hellish Covid Detention Centres where African Migrants are are maltreated.

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