For The First Time In History, America Witnesses More Voting Before Election Day

America has witnessed the highest number of voting before election day in history, as more than 95 million Americans have voted in the 2020 presidential electio, 24 hours before the elections open.

In America, citizens are allowed to Commence voting before the election day, which often times falls on the first Tuesday, after the first Monday in November.

The executive dean for public policy and public service programs, Meena Bose, Peter S. Kalikow School of Government, noted that in the US history, this is the first time more votes are coming in before election than on the D-day.

The voting plans vary from state to state; 43 states and the seat of power in Washington DC allow for early voting, while about six states and some US territories do not allow for that.

In about Nine states and Washington DC, registered voters get a mail and vote and send in the filled ballot via mail.

Bose told foreign journalists covering the US elections that the election night could be a long one depending on when the voting close.

“Seventeen states, including the key states of Florida and Arizona, permit counting to begin before election day, and 16 states permit counting to begin before polls close on election close, while 17 states require counting to begin after polls close on election day,” she said.

The numbers are close to 70 percent of approximately 137 million votes cast in 2016, where incumbent President Donald Trump lost the popular vote but won the electoral college.

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Bose said 2020 votes could go as high as 150 million — over 12 million more than the numbers recorded in the Trump-Hillary Clinton election of 2016.

Election winner may be known as early as 11pm on Tuesday night — or later in the week, depending on who gets the necessary states count early enough.

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