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‘You’re a liability to our government’ – Amotekun commandant tackles Osun CoS, Charles Akinola

The Osun State Commander of Amotekun outfit, Comrade Amitolu Shittu, on Wednesday, punched the Chief of Staff to Governor Adegboyega Oyetola, Dr Charles Akinola, addressing him as an opportunist and liability.

“To say that Charles is a political liability is an understatement. Of a fact, he is a terrible political liability and masteric in the game of busy body and arrogant in character,” Amitolu blasted Akinola in a lengthy statement posted on his Facebook account.

Amitolu specified that Oyetola while he was the CoS to former governor Rauf Aregbesola performed well and was never a political liability to Osun.

“However, these cannot be said about some hangers-on and opportunists at the corridors of power, who are reaping where they did not sow.

“Record cannot lie. Charles Akindiji Akinola has no political relevance in Osun. This is a man who failed when he headed O’REAP as Director-General and has nothing to write home about as his account of stewardship at O’REAP. Politics is beyond grammatical expression and America phonetics because politics itself is local and grassrooted.

“If Governor Oyetola, like the hangers on, attaches importance to being self-centred, the government he is leading would have become unpopular, just like the wish of Charles Akinola.

“Today, as a responsible appointee of Mr Governor, Charles Akindiji Akinola should have borrowed a leaf from the present SSG, Prince Wole Oyebamiji, who, in his wisdom, has popularized the government of Oyetola the more, in his Egbedore Local Government, through various empowerment programmes, including the provision of solar street light for his people.

“Charles Akinola and Mrs Abiodun Ige, the so-called SA security, are birds of a feather. Abiodun Ige is using the name of Jesus Christ to deceive people and claiming to be holy, knowing fully well that deep inside her, she is not fit to be the personality she is portraying.

“Abiodun Ige is a pathological liar, pretender and backbiter. Above all, she is politically deficit. She is another liability to our government and instead of her to face the reality, she is busy looking for Amitolu Shittu’s downfall (which will never come to reality) to cover her inadequacy, deficiency, incompetency and lack of direction. She is self-centred and too greedy.

“Instead of her to concentrate on how our state would be secured, in terms of lives and property of the populace, she is busy fabricating lies and engaging in evil scheming. What a political liability and bereft of competency.

“From West to East and the Central (with the highest electoral figures in our state) Governor Isiaka Gboyega Oyetola will by HIS grace, WIN again and again,” he said.

Meanwhile, all efforts to get the reaction of Akinola have been abortive, as he refused to pick his calls from our correspondent.

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