Mount Zion’s Mike Bamiloye Reveals Why Some Ladies Remain Single

Pastor Mike Bamiloye has revealed that many ladies are yet to get engaged to their life partners because of the standards they have set.

In a post shared on his Instagram page, the owner of Mount Zion productions said that many ladies get delayed in getting engaged because they did not stick to God’s choice for them.

Bamiloye accused such ladies of setting up ungodly and carnal standards that God’s choice cannot meet.

He said: “Some women’s delay in getting engaged or finding a life partner is from God but for a good number of woman, their own delay is their fault.

“These set of women have refused to discern when God’s choice shows up in their lives.

“Some of them can never figure out when they meet a man God has for them because they have set for themselves unGodly and carnal standards that God’s choice cannot meet.”

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