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If lawmakers refuse to impeach Buhari but attack me instead, calamity will befall them – Father Mbaka

Catholic Priest and Spiritual Director of Adoration Ministry,Enugu, Fr Ejike Mbaka, has condemned the killings across the country while calling for the impeachment of President Muhammadu Buhari.

He, however, added that if lawmakers at the National Assembly fail to impeach the President and attack him instead, they will face problems worse than they ever imagined.

Speaking at the Adoration Ministry in Enugu, Mbaka said it is wrong for Buhari to maintain grave silence despite the incessant killings in the country.

He accused the government of being behind several killings across the country and tagging separatists groups as terrorists rather than focus on getting them good jobs.

The cleric also frowned on the activities of herdsmen whodestroy farms of people without any repercussion.

He said Buhari has failed Nigeria woefully and that he should resign now. He explained that Nigerians are crying because they don’t have a shepherd.

Meanwhile, Mbaka had in 2015, stated in a viral video that Buhari “is the answer God gave to Nigerians” when he prayed.

He said he knows people will start attacking him over his endorsement but said, “I know people will say, Mbaka did you not pray for Buhari, did Samuel not anoint Saul? What are you talking about? Am I the creator of Buhari? God created him, Nigerians trusted him because he has done well sometime ago but now how can people just be dying?”

He emphasised that the nation cannot continue like this so he asked God to change its leaders.

He, thereafter, warned church leaders and Nigerians not to come after him because he supported Buhari earlier.

He said, “God will ask Nigerians: Nigerians why are you crying? We are crying because our leaders have failed us woefully. If it is in a civilized country, by now, President Buhari will resign. Quote me anywhere and let the whole world hear it. By now, with what is happening, President Buhari should honourably resign.

“We are crying because we don’t have a shepherd. All those that will fight what I’m saying now will eventually suffer the rot. If you can’t do it, either you resign or you will be changed. A good coach cannot watch his team defeated when he has players sitting watching on the bench. Either Buhari resigns by himself or he will be impeached.

“This statement is too mysterious and supernatural. I know that people will begin to fight it. Mbaka, did you not pray for Buhari? Did Samuel not anoint Saul? What are you talking about? Am I the creator of Buhari? God created him; Nigerians trusted him because he has done well sometime but now how can people just be dying? The chief security officer consulting on lives in the country will be sitting down, not making any comment. Gunmen are attacking everybody. Amen!

“Why are you crying Nigerian youths? As I said, overseas has become a dumping ground for our ingenious youths. Young doctors, lawyers, running away from Nigeria? Countries we are better than, I’m just coming back from Ebonyi, you need to visit Ebonyi, the former Abakaliki is not Abakaliki, even the leaders of Enugu state should wake up because by the time Anambra has her Cargo passenger airport and Ebonyi has her airport, I don’t know the reason why people should be coming to Enugu apart from prayers here.

“If anybody speaks about development, let the government not attack the person, instead they should change. Even with the meagre resources Ebonyi is getting, Ebonyi will have megaprojects, flyovers here and there. International centres, Anambra is evolving 10, 000 seaters international conference centre. If I refuse to say the truth, the holy spirit will attack me. Father Mbaka is barking, I am roaring.

“What is the matter? Nigerians are crying, why? Because there is no security in this country. The House of Representatives and the Senate should impeach the President if he doesn’t want to resign.

“If the members of these two houses do not want to impeach him and they want to begin to fight Fr Mbaka, something worse than what they ever imagined will happen to the members of the Senate and members of the House of Representatives. Disaster is coming! Until the government of this country finds something useful for our youths, they are going to face disaster, a time is coming when, if you are asked to be a governor, senator, house of a representative member, you will begin to run because I’m trying to tell you that we cannot continue like this.

“The leaders have made the youth suffer; it is time for the civilians to make the leaders suffer. Enough of this rubbish, most of the reasons why you come here for prayers are not prayer projects, these are things the government should supply. To feed, pay for house rent, even to import products from abroad, taxation has doubled, the international community cannot come to Nigeria to invest anymore. Are we living or dying?

“God is asking what is the matter, I am telling God now, let him change our leaders for us. How can someone become a billionaire from what belongs to all of us and owners of the money are begging. Many mothers here cannot change pampers for their children. Our young ladies are thinking of going into prostitution but who will patronise them? Our young men have nothing doing. And what is happening has evolved a satanic culture of immorality in the issue of cultism and idolatry. Young men now visit native doctors and prepare charms.”

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