Afenifere Backs Mbaka’s Resignation Verdict On Buhari

The Pan Yoruba Sociocultural organisation, Afenifere, has also backed the call for the resignation of President Muhammadu Buhari over rising insecurity in the country.

The spiritual Director of Adoration Ministry, Enugu, Father Ejike Mbaka, on Thursday called for President Muhammadu Buhari to be impeached due to the increase in security challenges in Nigeria.

The cleric in a statement noted that President Buhari has failed the country woefully, hence he should resign now.

Mbaka while speaking at the Adoration Ministry in Enugu, wondered why Buhari has remained silent despite the incessant killings in the country. The fiery cleric said God is angry with the president.

He had said; “I know people will say, Mbaka did you not pray for Buhari, did Samuel not anoint Saul? What are you talking about? Am I the creator of Buhari? God created him, Nigerians trusted him because he has done well some time ago but now, how can people just be dying?

“God will ask Nigerians: Nigerians why are you crying? We are crying because our leaders have failed us woefully. If it is in a civilised country, by now, President Buhari will resign. Quote me anywhere and let the whole world hear it. By now, with what is happening, President Buhari should honourably resign.

“We are crying because we don’t have a shepherd. All those that will fight what I am saying now will eventually suffer the rot. If you can’t do it, either you resign or you be changed. A good coach cannot watch his team defeated when he has players sitting watching on the bench. Either Buhari resigns by himself or he will be impeached.”

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Speaking to Daily Trust on Thursday, leader of Afenifere, Pa Ayo Adebanjo, said the president should have long resigned, noting that the country was collapsing under his watch.

He said: “Young officers are being killed on a daily basis. He should have gone since; he is just doing things that will make the country to break. He should go. Law and order have broken down. It is only God that can save us from Buhari now.”

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