Fayemi praises Olu of Warri for reinventing Nigeria (photos)

Governor Kayode Fayemi of Ekiti has lauded the new Olu of Warri for reinventing Nigeria in the eyes of the world with his soul-searching and inspiring speech during his coronation on August 21.

He described the Olu’s ascension as a sign of possibilities for the country.

Fayemi spoke Saturday when he paid the new monarch, Ogiame Atuwase III Tsola Emiko a courtesy visit.

Ekiti governor visited the monarch as the chairman, Nigeria Governors’ Forum (NGF) representing all 36 governors in the country.

Fayemi came in the company of some of his aides.

Fayemi bows as he greets the new Olu of Warri

Fayemi and the new Olu of Warri

“We know that it ( Olu of Warri’s ascension) is a sign of what is ahead of us, a sign of the possibilities in our nation.”

“It is a sign that whatever the challenges are – we may be going through the valleys, hills, the meandering lines – what is clear is that this nation is on the path to positive development,” the governor said.

“All over the world, we have been enthused, honoured as a people. You’ve invented Nigeria in the eyes of the world.”

“For those of us who are Omoluabi from the roots, we thank God for your coronation. It was most organised.”

Fayemi in company of some of his aides with the Olu of Warri

“Your ascension to the throne is not just an indication of a positive development to happen in the kingdom, it is a positive signal that the best is yet to come in our country.”

The Olu thanked the governor for his visit and pledged to submit himself in service to the Federal Republic of Nigeria and the government.

He noted that he is Olu not just to improve Warri Kingdom but also Nigeria as a country.

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