E-transmission of results’ll stop rigging, money politics, political blackmail – Sheikh Gumi

Sheikh Ahmad Gumi, Kaduna-based Islamic cleric has said the E-transmission of election results would stop some electoral irregularities in Nigeria.

Gumi said the E-transmission of election results would stop money politics, mediocrity, and political blackmailing.

The controversial Islamic cleric disclosed this via a post on his Facebook page.

He stressed that E-transmission of election results would reduce rigging and manipulations of votes.

According to Gumi: “Since 1999 when the khaki returned to the barracks, we’ve not heard the better good news for Nigerians as this singular act of making it legal to transmit elections results electronically.

“Nonetheless, this will in no way immeasurable reduce the rigging and votes manipulation, the only way bad politicians have been able to hold the nation for a long time at its jugular veins.

“Money politics, mediocrity, and political blackmailing will all vanish or nearly so by making every vote genuinely counted. This is a big plus for our Senate and the democracy that gives Nigerians free will to choose and repel leaders they so wish.”

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