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FCT To Enforce Planning In Establishment Of Estates, Prosecute Defaulters

Federal Capital Territory (FCT) minister, Malam Muhammad Bello, has vowed to enforce planning in the establishment of estates to ensure strict adherence to the Abuja Masterplan.

Bello made the pledge at the commissioning of an office complex of the Abuja Property Development Company (APDC), held Friday in Abuja.

He said all estates ordinarily should have provisions for play areas, community centres, shopping facilities, places for worship and in some areas also, depending on the size, provisions for places for educational activities.

“The reason why flooding is rampant in many areas is simply because the plan that was meant to be followed was not followed.

“And unfortunately, over the years, maybe institutional capacity to be able to enforce was reduced.

“All these are going to change because every person’s life is sacrosanct and the whole idea of living in an estate is to live in a community that is safe, serene, beautiful and peaceful.

“So that people can raise their family and children in an environment that makes them very productive as a people.

“But we cannot just create estates where every square inch is dedicated to building and that’s why our enforcement activities will be enhanced.

“I am just saying this to let the public know and like they say, shine your eyes,” Bello said.

He frowned at the attitude of some investors and persons who decide to build on the fringes of the city, “to build without permission, to build on occupied land, to build with impunity and to spend enormous amount of resources.”

Bello advised anybody who wants to buy any property in any estate in Abuja to do proper diligence.

“The first place to do it, you come to the FCT, go to the relevant department and confirm that that particular estate is genuine and then confirm that the person himself is genuine.

“You must probably have noticed that over the last few weeks, we have been demolishing and we will continue to demolish.

“I want to use this opportunity to tell genuine investors that nobody’s property will be touched if it’s on a genuinely allocated land that has the correct papers.

“Nobody’s property will be touched if it was built based on Development Control approval based on all the requirements by law that a person needs.

“Whoever built and no matter how highly placed and no matter how expensive that building is, it will go down.”

Bello said going forward, also persons would be prosecuted for the cost of the diesel and the staff and the police used to embark on the exercise.


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