Church Members Brutalize Pastor Over Money

The General Overseer of Wings of Blessings Africa Church, Pastor James Mugo, is currently gasping for breathe after he was brutalized mercilessly by his Church members.

Trouble started on the New Year eve service when Pastor Mugo, allegedly demanded for ksh.4200 from every member of the church to offer prayers to God for them to unlock the new year’s blessings.

The clergy purportedly threatened that failure to pay the money, the members would be cursed not to receive the 2022 blessings.

Miffed by the demands of the cleric,there was trade of words that led the angry members attack the pastor.

The attack has currently landed Pastor Mugo, in the hospital in Embu after sustaining serious injuries.

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Church Members Attack Pastor for Asking them to Pay money to Unlock 2022 Blessing, Pastor on Hospital bed Fighting for his Life

We are in a new year 2022 and everyone wants blessings from God since the previous year people have been struggling alot due to the outbreak of Covid19.

People went to church on the new year first day and celebrated and welcomed 2022 as they prayed for it to be easy to them.

However in Embu new year’s celebration in church were something unbelievable as one pastor demanded that his church members to pay huge money for them to unlock 2022 blessings.

Pastor James Mugo of Wings of Blessings Africa Church in Embu reportedly demanded ksh.4200 from every member of the church so as he can pray for them to unlock new year’s blessings. Failer to pay the money the Man of God demanded to curse them not to receive 2022 blessings.

However the faithful did not welcome his demands which led to exchange of words and led to the attack of the pastor. The man of God was attacked by church members and he is currently fighting for his life at one of the hospital in Embu after sustaining serious injuries.

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