Adeyinka Grandson Speaks On Deportation Plan By British Government

The plan of the government of England to jail me three to six years and then deport me to Nigeria for using my YouTube videos to highlight the suppression and subjugation of the Yoruba people in Nigeria by the Ibo and Fulani with the support of the government in England is within their rights.

What the government of England does not have a right over are my children, who were born before and after my marriage to their mother under the Yoruba Customary Law and the Nigeria Marriage Act.

As I did not marry their mother under the English Law, both the Yoruba Customary Law and the Nigeria Marriage Act give me the full custody of the Children as their Father. I shall therefore voluntarily return to Nigeria with my children if Tinubu is elected the President of Nigeria.

My conviction after a prolong and careful investigation by our legal team is totally unfair and unjust. We will appeal and be vindicated.


Currently on remand in a London Prison.

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