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Lady Luckily Escapes Being Kidnapped By Boys In UNILAG (VIDEO)

A young lady has recently been saved from the hands of boys who tried to force her into their car in UNILAG.

According to reports making the rounds online, the lady was at UNILAG second gate when some boys approached her and tried to woo her.

However, the lady refused to yield to their tactics and they began to use force to execute their plans.

The boys reportedly tried forcing her into their car, and in the process, they hit her head with a stone.

However, luck was on her side as UNILAG security operatives quickly swung into action and rescued her.

An eye witness said:

“This evening at UNILAG second gate, these guys tried to kidnap a lady. They wooed her at first but she said no. Next thing, they tried forcing her into the car and hit her head with a stone. Kudos to UNILAG security that swung into action. The boys were apprehended. Please we should all watch out for these ritualists and Yahoo boys. It’s becoming alarming”.

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