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Nigerian Flags Sell For €7 In Poland As Others Try To Identify As Nigerians (photos)

A lot of people where making negative comments about Nigerians who were reporting the unjust treatment of the Blacks/Africans in the ongoing war between the Russians and Ukrainians.

No matter how you look at it or how you think it, Nigerians are not the only Africans in Ukraine. But Nigerians are the only ones calling and they’re not just calling for themselves alone, because if you watch the video you see everything they’re saying is about the blacks/African unjust treatment.

Now their voices have been heard and other Africans from Ukraine are buying the Nigerian flag in Poland for €7 in order to identify as Nigerians.

Remember. Those who has someone to call unto, in time of distress call for help. And those who do not have anybody to call, never bother to call because no one will hear them.

God Bless Nigeria

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