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Putin Deploys ‘Thermobaric’ Bombs That Can Rupture Enemy Lungs To Ukraine (photos)

Vladimir Putin has deployed thermobaric bombs, a multiple rocket launcher system which ‘sucks the air out of its victims’ into Ukraine as his war of occupation intensifies.

The TOS-1 Buratino fires fuel-air ‘thermobaric’ rockets which, when they explode, consume all oxygen in the blast zone, killing everyone in the area.

Victims can appear to have no visible external injuries but will have suffered massive internal damage.

The weapon is based on the Soviet-era T-72 main battle tank with the main turret removed and replaces with a rocket launcher system holding 30, 8.5-inch rockets.

The system was developed in the mid-1980s and the unguided rockets have a two-mile range.

Witnesses claim to have seen the weapon system crossing into Ukraine from Belarus, possibly heading towards Kyiv.

The indiscriminate weapon is very effective against people and lightly-armoured vehicles causing devastation within a 1,000ft diameter area.

Russians describe the TOS-1 Buratino as a ‘flamethrower’ but military experts say it fires a ‘wall of napalm towards its victims.

CNN reported that one of the terrifying weapon systems was seen on the back of a transport truck in Belgorod, near the northern Ukrainian border.

Charlie Gao, defence and national security commentator told The Sun: ‘The Buratino and Solntsepek are very useful weapons for a military that might be going into urban combat with little regard for collateral damage.’

However, Putin’s invasion has been getting bogged down by stronger-than-expected resistance from Ukrainian defence forces.

Kyiv’s European allies are sending advanced weapon systems to support the defence against Russia.

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