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Ukrainian Officials Arrive Belarus For Talks With Russia (VIDEO)

Ukrainian officials have arrived in Belarus for the peace talks with Russian authorities.

Belarus authorities on Monday disclosed that the venue for the peace talks between delegates from Ukraine and Russia is set.

Belarusian foreign ministry while speaking on the venue wrote, “The venue for talks between Russia and Ukraine in Belarus has been prepared, the arrival of delegations is expected.”

The ministry in a post on social media posted a picture of a long table with Russian and Ukrainian flags.

The spokesman of the Belarusian foreign ministry, Anatoly Glaz in a separate statement wrote, “The talks will start as soon as all the delegations arrive at the meeting point.”

However, in a video shared by RIA Novosti, Ukrainian officials were seen arriving in Belarus for the much-anticipated meeting between Russia and Ukraine.

It is understood that negotiations between representatives of the two countries are expected to start in 30 minutes.

According to the Ukrainian President, the main goal of negotiations with Moscow is an immediate ceasefire and withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukraine.

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