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War: US aircraft goes missing during NATO military exercises in Norway

A US military aircraft participating in NATO exercises in Norway has gone missing.

Four people are aboard the military aircraft that went missing during NATO military exercises.

A search and rescue operation is underway, according to the US Marine Corps, CNN says.

The aircraft, an MV-22B Osprey, assigned to the II Marine Expeditionary Force (MEF) US military unit in Norway, “was participating in Exercise Cold Response 2022,” the Corps said in a statement.

“Norwegian civil authorities are leading the search and rescue efforts at this time.”

“Although the nature of military service is inherently dangerous, the safety of our Marines, Sailors, Allies and partners is our top priority,” the statement said.

In a separate statement, Major Jim Stenger said, “We can confirm an incident has occurred involving a Marine Corps MV-22B Osprey aircraft.

“The aircraft was conducting training in Norway as part of Exercise COLD RESPONSE 22 at the time of the incident.”

“The cause of the incident is under investigation,” Stenger said.

Meanwhile, Norwegian rescue teams reported late Friday that “discoveries were made” in their search for the military aircraft.

US and its allies are putting together protective measures for NATO nations over threats from Russia.

The United Kingdom government has concluded plans to deploy its Sky Sabre air defence system along with 100 troops to Poland.

The US, through its Secretary of State Antony Blinken, has assured Lithuania and Latvia of NATO protection.

Antony said his country was willing to support both countries when he made quick visits to two of three Baltic states.

Latvia and Lithuania are increasingly on edge as Russia presses ahead with its military operations in Ukraine.

Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, which were former Soviet republics, have since joined NATO.

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization, NATO, which was established in 1949 by the US, Canada, and several Western European nations with the sole responsibility of providing collective security against the Soviet Union.

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