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Russia-ukraine war: Order of international foundation shaking – Japan tells India

Japan has said that the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine is shaking the foundation of international order.

Japanese Prime Minister, Fumio Kishida, said this on Saturday, when he met his Indian counterpart, Narendra Modi.

He said Russia’s invasion of Ukraine “shakes the foundation of international order” and required a stronger response.

The two leaders were meeting in India’s capital New Delhi to improve economic partnerships and strengthen security amid the Ukraine crisis.

“We confirmed any unilateral change to the status quo by force cannot be forgiven in any region, and it is necessary to seek peaceful resolutions of disputes based on international law,” Kishida told reporters after their meeting.

Modi did not comment directly on the situation in Ukraine, but acknowledged that geopolitical incidents were “presenting new challenges.”

India and Japan are both members of Quad — an informal security grouping that includes the United States and Australia as well.

But while Japan has vehemently condemned Russian invasion of Ukraine, India is the only country from the group that has not explicitly condemned Russia’s attacks.

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