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War: My Children know what Russia is doing to Ukraine – President Zelensky

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has said his two kids are aware of the realities of war in Ukraine, despite him not overtly telling them about it initially.

“My children know for sure what is happening. I do not know whether it’s good or bad. I have not explained anything to my children. They have said to me war is raging in Ukraine,” Zelensky told the CNN on Sunday

He said that they do not have to explain anything to their children but that they have access to videos and news, adding he makes they have access to the videos

“I think that my children should not be prohibited from seeing any kind of videos of what Russia has made. My son has to be aware of it because while my son is alive that means that some Ukrainian army member is giving up his own life for this.”

Zelensky has two children, a son and a daughter with his wife Olena Zelenska.

“The first two days, we did not talk about it at all. They did not ask questions. They were thinking about it themselves,” Zelensky explained.

He said that his children have hope for victory for Ukraine, “They are proud of Ukraine, very proud. They entertain a sincere hope in our victory.”

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