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War: Putin in total panic, terrified of Ukraine – Boris Johnson

The United Kingdom Prime minister, Boris Johnson has claimed that Russian President Vladimir Putin is in “total panic.”

According to Johnson, Putin is in fear over the idea of a revolution in Moscow.

Johnson said this at a Conservative Party conference in Blackpool, Saturday, wondering why Putin decided to “invade this totally innocent country.”

Johnson said that Putin miscalculated his actions by believing that Ukraine was going to join NATO any time soon or that the West was going to keep missiles in Ukraine.

The Prime Minister said Putin attacked Ukraine because he was “frightened” because of the country’s free press, free elections, democracy and open markets, fearing the Ukrainian model is an “implicit reproach to himself.”

He said Putin “has been terrified of the effect of that Ukrainian model on him and on Russia.

“And he’s been in a total panic about a so-called color revolution in Moscow itself.”

He said for this reason, Putin is trying to brutally take freedom away from Ukraine, adding that it was important that the Russian leader fails.

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